Students Union


Student Society " Students Union "

The goals of the students ' union:

The main goal of the organization is to promote the further development of the public life of the university by organizing and conducting cultural and educational events, conferences, seminars, projects, innovative start-ups, as well as scientific and sports Olympiads in a higher educational institution. The desire for meaningful organization of students’ free time, increasing their social activity, as well as developing their knowledge, skills and talents is also an important task.

The organization is designed to meet the needs of students in moral, intellectual, cultural, social and physical development. It also aims to develop an active citizenship in students and the ability to self-control. The formation of self-government skills and qualifications of students, as well as their preparation for full and responsible participation in the life of society are key tasks.

In addition, the organization is committed to developing the social life of higher education and maximizing student involvement in it.

  • develop the social life of a higher educational institution and attract students into it as much as possible;
  • protect the interests of students before the leadership of the faculty, as well as at the interuniversity, state and international levels, protect the rights of students of the National Research University "TIIAME";
  • providing assistance to the administration in organizing and conducting planned and unscheduled events in all areas (academic, educational-organizational, educational, cultural and leisure, etc.) trainings that increase the effectiveness of training sessions and strengthen the enthusiasm and academic discipline of students.

Achievements students ' union

  • The participation of the entire Students Union team in organizing the international conference IREG2023, where they actively collaborated with volunteers, is a significant achievement of the team. Our contribution to the success of the conference highlighted our ability to teamwork, organize and interact effectively with other participants. This was a valuable experience that allowed us to expand our knowledge and skills while participating in an international event.
  • The Student Union actively supported the organization of the “Gewex-2023” conference in partnership with EcoGis . The event brought together representatives from various organizations, universities and activists from more than 10 countries. Among the participants were professors: Michael Brody from the USA, Johann Yablokov from Germany and many others. The Student Union took on a number of tasks, including helping to organize the event, participating in volunteer activities, filming and much more.
  • On September 4, the Student Council met freshmen at the entrance to the university with a warm “ Welcome ” to our university ". The event under this title was held in a format rich in various initiatives, including the presentation of faculties through video locations, maps and individual class schedules for each student, as well as gifts from the rector. Senior courses and lecturers warmly welcomed the freshmen. The Student Council took personal care of each first year student by organizing the event and working with them.

"Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers" and Tashkent State University of Economics published important news: a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Students ' Union of both universities.

The purpose of this agreement is to develop cooperation and organize joint projects in the fields of education, sports, culture and social and entertainment events. This step represents an important moment in the history of both universities and opens up new prospects for active interaction among the student community.

The debate between the university "TIIAME" National Research University and "TSUE", and then with the "International House Tashkent " was a stimulating exchange of views and ideas. Participants from different cultures and backgrounds actively discussed current topics such as global challenges, innovations in education and social issues. These experiences helped deepen understanding of different points of view and contributed to the development of argumentation and communication skills.

Students Union has received a license from the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) organization to host a TED- Ed event at our university. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to take part in a global movement that inspires and enriches minds around the world.