Chairman of Women`s Committee

Chairman of Women`s Committee

Хафизова Зулфия Холмурадовна

Senior teacher of the department “Land Use”

тел: (+99890) 371-60-05



Women`s Committee of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanisation Engineers is an independent organ, which deals with women`s problems at the institute. The Committee is organized by the ways of common and voluntary voting of staff and professors. The activity of the Committee is held by Decrees and Resolutions of the President of Uzbekistan. Neither any non-governmental body, nor Scientific Council of the institute have rights to intervene to the management of Women`s Committee.

There are main objectives and tasks of the Committee in the following:

-    to improve political, social and economic activities of women;

-    all-sided support of women;

-    to improve social and economic statuses of women;

-    to defend their rights and interests;

-    to develop professors and staff`s professional skills;

-    to strengthen family relations;

-    to educate the youth for love and patriotism to the motherland;  

-    to form healthy lifestyle.

Main directions of Women`s Committee

The committee has an active functioning on defending the rights and interests of women, their social and political role in a social life.

It holds different meetings, seminars, trainings, conferences on increasing spirituality. National and cultural wealth is also taught to the youth.

Women`s Committee greatly contributes to the defending women`s rights. It is interested in improving their spiritual, intellectual and professional statuses.

 The Committee gives recommendations to the students, applying for grants and scholarships, like “Zulfia”, and actively participating at institute`s life.

It organizes activities of “Women`s Club”, teaching courses “Mashhura”, “Iffatli kelin”.

Women`s Committee pays attention to needy, orphan people and helps them morally and materially (financially).  

It is also attentive at upbringing healthy lifestyle and holding different cultural and sport events. In this case, it cooperates with the centers “Soglom avlod” and “Ibn Sina”.

Moreover, the Committee conducts enlightening works, explains impacts of religious extremism on youth, and spreading missionary ideas in a society.

Women`s Committee struggles with the negative sides of students` life, like narcomany, tobaccomany, alcoholism and prostitution.

Women`s Committee of the institute greatly contributes to the upbringing of young students and supports needy women socially and financially.

Women`s Committee includes 7 faculties:

1. Hydromelioration. – Chairman: Madazizova Dilfuza. Tel: (91) 1634653, Corpus – G, Room 201.

2. Electrification and Automation in Agriculture. – Chairman: Sanbetova Amangul. Tel: (97) 7413751, Corpus V, Room 604.

3.Land Management resources – Chairman: Khafizova Zulfia. Tel: (90) 3283689, Corpus: А, Room 218.

4. Water management and management – Chairman: Kadirova Rano. Tel: (90) 3484749, Corpus: А, Room: 121.

5. Hydrotechnic Constructions. – Chairman: Yunusova Farida. Tel: (90) 9924023, Corpus: B, Room: 317.

6. Mechanisation of Hydromeliorative Works. – Chairman: Batirova Khalima. Tel: (90) 9390723, Corpus: B, Room 223.

7. Agriculture Mechanisation. – Chairman: Temirkulova Nargiza. Tel: (90) 9214043, Corpus: V, Room 303.