The five main initiatives of the President

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on April 3 on the implementation of five initiatives aimed at creating additional conditions for the upbringing and education of young people and increasing the employment of women, the press service of the head of state said.

Initiatives were launched by the president in February during a trip to the Syrdarya region. They offer:

1. Increasing the interest of young people in music, arts, literature, theater and other types of art;

2. Enroll youth with sports, create the necessary conditions for this;

3. The organization of effective use of computer technologies and the Internet by the population and young people;

4. Enhancing the spirituality of young people, a wider propaganda of reading;

5. Ensuring the employment of women.

For each initiative, a draft program of measures has been developed, the implementation of which is scheduled for 2019–2020.

The draft program on the first initiative envisages attracting 2 million young people from 14 to 30 years old to culture and art. Additional classes are planned to be opened in children's schools of music and art, and instrumental, vocal and visual arts, amateur theater groups and children's ensembles will be opened in cultural centers. Formed address list of cultural centers that will be built, reconstructed or overhauled.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that the draft program does not spell out the mechanisms for implementing the measures and does not define the tasks of well-known artists assigned to each city and district as creative advisors.

The draft program of measures for the implementation of the second initiative envisages the construction in the next two years of small sports facilities in each district using lightweight structures and sandwich panels. The President stressed that it is necessary to attract more people, young people to existing and under construction gyms, to hold more mass sporting events.

The draft program of measures for the third initiative proposes the opening of free-access digital training centers. About 19 thousand social facilities will hold high-speed Internet. The head of the country gave instructions on improving computer literacy of the population, helping children who are interested in IT, in realizing their potential, creating software products.

The draft program of measures for the fourth initiative provides for the delivery to each region of 1 million art, historical and scientific books. The reconstruction and overhaul of information library centers and the opening of public libraries on the initiative of entrepreneurs are planned. The draft program of measures on the fifth initiative is planned to open in each district sewing and knitting enterprises and provide women with work.