Department of "education quality control"


Head of Department 

Ph.D., Assistant professor Abdurupov Ramz Rasulzhanovich


Phone: +99871 237 19 45


About the department 

The quality control department is organized in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 18, 2017 No. 515 "On the organization of the State Inspectorate for the Quality Supervision of Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan" and is directly connected with the Institute.

The main objective of the department

The main purpose of the Education Quality Control (TSNQ) is to study and analyze students' compliance with the state education standards, to monitor the quality of their training, to organize the internal audit and to identify and eliminate the factors affecting the quality of education and preventive measures.

The main tasks of the department are:

  • • Analyze and analyze the educational trends and specialties of state education standards (DTS), qualification requirements, curricula and science programs;
  • • Studying the quality of the educational process, the availability of textbooks and teaching materials in the TSISMMI;
  • • To study and analyze the relevance of the TSISM students to DTS;
  • • Ensure the implementation of normative-legal acts aimed at improving the quality of education;
  • кадрлар тайёрлаш сифати мониторингини юритиш;
  • • Organization of internal certification of TIIMMMI, identifying factors that affect the quality of education based on the results, submitting information to the Rector and the State Inspectorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • • control over the timely elimination of deficiencies and shortcomings identified in the CEC during the attestation and examination of the quality of education;
  • • monitoring the status of indicators that determine the quality of education and making recommendations to the relevant structural subdivisions on identified problems and shortcomings;
  • • To analyze the effectiveness of modern methods and techniques in the professional development of professors and teachers in order to improve the quality of education;
  • • Carrying out internal monitoring, analytical data preparation, defining deficiencies in the structural subdivisions (faculty, department, department, center, academic lyceum) of TICIMM for the purpose of determining the level of professional qualification of pedagogical staff, as well as quality level in postgraduate education and retraining. making suggestions to the management of FSSC on troubleshooting;
  • • To analyze the basic information of the faculty members of the TSISK with the relevant subject (s) or to study their relevant retraining or to have a scientific degree, corresponding to the corresponding specialization and to report the findings to the rector of the TIACMMI;
  • • monitor the implementation of the educational process, research and scientific-methodological work plans of the TIIMMMI;
  • • Analyze the material and technical base of the educational process, make recommendations on its development and improvement;
  • • controlling the effectiveness and effectiveness of students' practice in the field of education and specializations;
  • • Participation in the process of gathering information on the assessment and evaluation of higher education institutions upon the instruction of the State Inspectorate, conducting attestation and examination of the quality of education;
  • • Assessing the objectivity, transparency and quality of points by analyzing students' knowledge assessment process;
  • • Conducting public opinion polls among students, parents, faculty and staff in order to continuously study the social environment, training and quality of education;
  • • Studying and introducing the experience of prestigious educational and scientific centers of foreign countries, developed at the expense of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Istedod" Foundation or international projects and TIIMMMI;
  • • To take an active part in the development and implementation of measures to raise the international rating of TMSCMI together with the leadership of the higher education institution;
  • • Conducting training workshops and trainings in order to improve the quality of education jointly with the relevant structural subdivisions of the CRAI;
  • • Formation of a public expert base and regularly hold seminars in the framework of the tasks assigned to them;

• monitoring the integration of educational process and production, innovative ideas, development and application of technology;

• Providing information on the results of the study and monitoring conducted by the CPSU at the round table discussions and conferences;

• Presenting relevant proposals to the FMSC management based on the results of the study of the quality of education.

Staff of the department




Телефон рақами

Электрон почта

Kattakulov Farrukh


Chief specialist

+99871 237 19 45

Mamatkulov Zokhid Jonqobilovich

Chief specialist

+99871 237 19 42


Address: 100000. 39, Koriy Niyazy,Tashkent city

Building/office: TIIAME, Administration Building, IRC 2nd floor, room 13