Department for the organizing scientific researches of gifted students

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 27, 2017 "On measures to further expand the participation of spheres and sectors of the economy in improving the quality of training of higher education specialists" systems of training highly educated personnel ", PQ-3207, Participation of talent students and masters in the field of scientific research and scholarships of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Beruni, Navoi, Islam Karimov . The Department for the Coordination of Scientific Work of Talent students Performs Compliance with the Charter and Year Plan Approves the name of the Rector of the Institute with the assistance of the departments of the Institute. The Department for the Coordination of Scientific Work of Talent students performs the following tasks:

The main tasks of the department:

- The Institute is a department for organizing the wide involvement of talent students and masters in research projects and grants.

- Ensuring the participation of talented students and masters in State competitions and scholarships such as the Presidential scholarship of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Beruni, Navoi and Islam Karimov;

- Organization, monitoring and management of departments, working with talent students at faculties;

- Creating a scientific environment and conditions that allow students to realize and develop their talents, to ensure the active involvement of academic schools, academicians and professors in this work;

- Ensuring the active participation of students in the upcoming scientific, research and creative events held in the departments;

- Organization and holding of the competition "the best student scientific work";

- Encourage talented students and recommend the candidacies of young scientists to the competition of the Council of Young Scientists under the Central Council of the Youth Union;

- Involvement of the scientific community in activities aimed at the development of its creative, intellectual potential in the field of vocational training;

- Organization and holding of student scientific conferences, seminars, research contests, round tables, scientific competitions and other events, etc.

- Search for talented students, identifying and combining them in the center "Talented Students"

- The recommendation of young scientists under the age of 30 years for the competition for a scholarship of the Central Council of the Union of Youth.

- organization of purposeful training of talented students in accordance with their skills and inclinations

- Organization of special trainings for talent students on the use of a foreign language, information technology and the Internet.

- Monitoring talented students among 1st year students

- summarize the work plan of the approved scientific community of faculties and departments

- Creating and constantly updating the database of talent students.

- Conducting a conference at the faculty on a quarterly basis in order to identify and encourage the winner of the “Best Student Scientific Work” competition.

Temirova Zokhida Ilxomjon kizi

Methodist of the Department for the Coordination of Scientific Work of Talent Students

Telephone: (+99871) 237-19-78, (+99871) 237-09-46

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