Scientific research activity

Scientific research activity

There are 420 professors and teachers in the departments of the institute, including 2 academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 61 doctors of sciences, professors, 163 candidates of sciences, PhD and associate professors, 194 senior teachers and assistants. The scientific potential is 54,0%.


Scientific-research works carried out within state scientific and technical programs and business contracts

There are 1 fundamental, 17 practical and 1 innovative grants projects, more than 12 scientific and research and experimental-design and economic agreements with organizations, more than 63 scientific publications on the initiative of the State budget research works are carried out. Total amount of 17 State Grant Based Practical researches - 3 b 12 mln.soum, Fundamental Researches on 1 State Grants – 100,979 mln.soum, 1 Grant-Based Innovative Projects - 131,94 mln.soum, the total cost of 12 other scientific researches on the basis of agricultural contracts is 640,0 mln.soum. At the institute, the total amount of off-budget fоunds is 3 b. 885,6 mln.soum.

Results of scientific research works

According to the results of scientific research carried out in every year by the scientists of the institute:

more than 74 monographs,

more than 39 textbooks,

119 manuals

512 articles and conference proceedings were published on the Scopus journals and  as well as Web of Science scientific database;

333 papers were published on foreign scientific journals;

more than 405  papers were published on international conferences;

about 561 papers in the republican scientific journals;

more than 303 scientific and methodical works are published in collections of republican scientific conferences.


At the same time, there are 5 patents for inventions, more than 6 patents for utility models, and about 105 copyright certificates per year.