History of the Center of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Reclamation

TIIIMSH Library was established in 1934 with a one temporarily institutes is based on library holdings of the Central Asian cotton - Irrigation instituta and College of Agricultural Mechanization. In the early years, the library fund heavily supplemented obscheteh - technical, special Noah and the socio-political literature.

By mid-1941 the fund has already 150 thousand copies, which enabled the library to provide enough full educational process not only of his institute, but were evacuated to Tashkent, Moscow Melioration, Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute and the Kharkov Institute of Mechanization of Agriculture.

After the war, about 5 thousand books have been sent to the freed-nye by the Nazis areas for rescue image-GOVERNMENTAL enemy destroyed libraries. However, the establishment of new faculties and departments of exceptional value increase in student numbers placed in front of the library task of strengthening the acquisition of its assets.

By the mid-50s they have grown to 200 thousand copies. Improved reader services. Completed in 1960. reconstruction of the educational building of the Institute has improved the library stacks area to 819 sq. m. This made it possible to increase the number of the acquired literature.

The staff of the library shirilsya races to 1970 In the student campus of the Institute opened a reading room, and the Andijan branch at the institute - a branch library. Subsequently, based on this library was created Andijan Institute of Cotton.

In 1964, 1965. library from the basement was converted into a new, special facilities, which radically changed its logistical base. Transfer was preceded by considerable preparatory work  Indeed, he was held without closing the library.

In 1970. in the educational sector of the Institute was a branch library serving the students of the Preparatory Department.

The continuous growth of student, the opening of new faculties and specialties, branch scientific research laboratories in consumer  increased the requirements for acquisition funds. On the basis of evidence-based criteria for their formation was made complete with a thematic plan Bani funds.

As a result, in 1970. the library has 469 thousand copies of printed works that enabled her with sufficient precision  fully meet the increasing demands of teaching-Sun  nutrient composition of the scientific process and the institution.

For better step up and organization of library management. Has been used scientific Labour Organization, introduced small-scale mechanization, on-line communications. Evaluate and implement best practices of the university libraries.

The library has always tried to anticipate the requirements of even the readers. Existing work has allowed the library staff to become the winner of the All-Union review - competition of libraries. Further intensive development of the library continued to follow  ing years. Library branches were opened in Karshi and Yangiyer.

The active reference and bibliographical information and Survey zhivanie readers successfully combined with the preparation of retrospective bibliographic ukazate lei. By mid-1981. Library moved to new premises with total area of ​​5.325 kv. m.

A separate building scientific library, two new facilities for educational libraries and pre-existing subscription with the book depository facilities enabled the maintenance of Chitateley categorize and differentiate between issuance of the literature on the types of publications.

A new period in the history of the library came with the independence of Uzbekistan.

Radically changed the content of the work, collector before tivom libraries faced with new tasks.  From the first days of independence, library began to fill up the fund literature relevant national standard, aimed at developing advanced generation, reflecting the democratic, legal, socio-economic and multifaceted national ideology.

New technological methods of organizing labor in the library, that is, the use of automated processes in information - bibliographic, crystallographic, library operations, staff development, management of directories and files to the correct use of information and the readers of bibliographic information, and making other sources of information contributed to the rational use Computer-formation.

The library was organized by the Department of Automation and Mechanics Organization.  Pursuant to the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of Uzbekistan on May 10, 1999 № 155 "On providing textbooks and manuals of continuing education" in the library, a set of regulations.

Together with the Monitoring Centre and teaching department of the institute work was completed for the examination of books, was drawn up, "Monitoring of textbooks" includes books from 1998 to the present day.

Educational libraries were located in teaching and laboratory buildings, faculties, which, in turn, and now in collaboration with the departments and deans have a library service to readers.

In pursuance of the Cabinet of Ministers dated March 10, 2004 № 150 Department of Agriculture TIIIMSH was transferred to the Agricultural University and the Institute was renamed in TIIM. Based on the internal order of the Institute for the number 187 as / f. on April 15, 2004 Research Library was renamed the "Resource Centre - Library."

Based on the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated June 20, 2006 PP-381 "On organization of information and library supply of the population of the republic", in order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of 29 December 2006 № 295, also on the internal order of the Institute on 7 February 2007 and number 21 / f. "Resource Centre Library," was renamed "Information Resource Center."