About the IRC

Main tasks of the IRC:

1. Formation of library stock on the basis of directions of the institute`s activity and consumers demands on information. Organization and conducting of data-informational services.

2. Conducting informational-library services to students, scientific researchers, teachers and other users from open funds, on the basis of their requirements for information according to the Use Rules of IRC Fund.

3. Contribution to the conducting of researches at the institute, supporting to the educational process and administrative-management tasks of the institute`s departments.

4. Educating information culture of users: users-preparation for working with data-analytical materials, including automatic order. Teaching users library-bibliographic knowledge and organization of system of the work with new, non-traditional information-carriers.  

5. Searching of new directions on organizing matters, introducing modern technologies on the basis of the use of modern computer techniques, and other modern technic means on the basis of IRC-users increasing, quality-increasing as well.

7. Improvement and integration of joint-activity of structural sub-divisions of the institute and other social organizations, libraries, scientific-technical institutions, with the aim of full-satisfaction of users` demands on sources and literature.

8. Giving data-informational and methodic support to HEI on informational-library services.


Main functions of the IRC:

1. IRC provides completing of the fund according to the coordination of educational programs, teaching plans and themes of scientific researches. It organizes different type of documentation (including electronic type): educational, scientific, information sources, periodical publishings and art literature.  

2. Determines the sources of the fund, conducts book-exchange with other libraries, institutions and organizations.

3. For optimization and formation of the fund, always conducts analysis of the fund-structure and fund-delivery.

4. Periodically checks the fund and disclose its structure by electronic and traditional catalogue of the library. Works out thematic bibliographical indicators, information lists and other publishings, which express activity of IRC, for revealing of the fund and its advertisement.

5. Provides static completing, timely calculation, fund-reserving, organizes of rational control, following sanitary-hygienic norms, conservation, figure-scanning of publishings, dealt with the institute`s activity, introducing them to electronic catalogue and changing.

6. Conducts library and information-bibliographical user-services:

6.1. Organizes users-services in reading-rooms, educational and scientific subscriptions on categories, on the basis of unique reading-card in the places of book-delivering. It gives the right to the users of free access to the library`s fund by certain stated discipline.

6.2. Supplies users with the main free library services:

  • Gives full dates on the library fund and information on the library through the system of catalogues, card-files, and other means;
  • Provides consulting help on searching and choosing published works and other documents;
  • Lends published works and other documents from the fund of the library;
  • Supplies the right for access to the electronic catalogue and publishings;
  • Organizes thematic book-exhibitions, bibliographical reviews; completes bibliographic dates, literature lists on contributing to the scientific and educational activities of the institute;

6.3. Always learns readers` interests in information.

7. Provides additional services to the users, on the basis of their demands, according to the list approved by the Institute`s Order. Enlarges an activity and services on social-cultural development of the library.

8. Оrganizes classes on library-bibliographic knowledge for students and users of other categories.

9. Excludes documents from the library fund on the basis of current and legal documents. Explores not profiled, but doublet literature.

10. Organizes and provides scientific and methodic conferences independently and/or cooperated with other subdivisions of the institute, libraries and other institutions on the problems of library-bibliographic and information activities.

11. Оrganizes and provides scientific-methodic and research activities on the improvement of activities and directions of the library.

12. Conducts automation of library processes, propagandize the best library technologies. Makes different researches with the aim of learning users` interests.

13. Concludes on сo-operative work of the institute with scientific unions and social organizations.

14. Cooperates on library-bibliographical and informational activity of the IRC with other institutions and organizations.

 15. Works out methodic manuals, documents on working technology and graphics, dealt with the activity of the IRC.


The figure of the fund is – 620699 units, data-base of the IRC is 98 000 bibliographical notes (studybooks, manuals, dictionaries, encyklopedias, scientific literature, journals, newspapers, articles and art literature), moreover, more than 30 000 full-text electronic books, manuals, dictionaries, scientific literature, journals, newspapers and articles.

The numbers in a year:

— Users – 5 850;

—  Attendance – 302 458;

— Book-delivery – 350 632;

— Getting literature – 97,0 units.


Informational-library services to the teachers and students, also comfortable conditions for increasing their intellectual level, knowledge and full satisfaction of spiritual-moral and cultural needs are organized in the IRC by the introducing information-communicational technologies. In this direction following databases for users are made in the IRC (DB – Data Base):

  •  ECD (Electronic Catalogue Database) in TIIAME consists of 54036 bibliographical units (studybooks, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, scientific literature, journals, newspapers, articles and art literature);
  • ECD in TIIAME consists of 15000 studybooks, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, scientific literature with full-text files;
  • ECD of (author`s) abstracts сonsists of 12769 abstracts, 2500  of them are full-text files;
  • ECD of journals and newspapers consists of 120 periodical publishings and articles, 911 bibliographical notes, 4270 series of periodical publishings (2922 of them have “headings”) and electronic catalogue of articles includes 11295 bibliographical notes and full-text files;
  • ECD of modules in TIIAME includes 406 modules with full-text files.

There conducted a lot of work in the IRC in this direction. The main part of the IRC consists of electronic catalogues and periodical publishings. There are: studybooks, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, scientific and art literature, popular scientific journals, different governmental and non-governmental scientific digests, and also summary journals and other publishings.

For working with this base special methodical manual is created and placed in the server; in the file “Different documents” there is a filebag “Information Resource Center”. If there is no electronic library in a computer, you should enter the file “Electronic Library” through the filebag “Information Resource Centre”, and install label in the desktop and then u can use electronic library. It is allowed to enter the electronic library from all the computers, which are connected to the local net.