Main tasks of the department is directed to the scanning and cataloging of the fund IRC, organized on the base of legislative documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Attention is paid to the author`s rights and translation of the literature in electronic format.

Translation including the IRC in PDF format, working on translated electronic format files, with special program Acrobat® 7.0 Professional, Acrobat® 7.0 Elements, ABBYY Fine reader, а also placing them into the program automated informative system.

Main tasks of the department:

-Completion of the date base in automated informative system  which is necessary for literatures and creating electronic cards for students and teaching staff;

-Creating of full-text files of literature in single copy, attached in card in electronic catalogue;

 -Students` and teaching staff`s fast search in electronic catalogue;

-Redacting of the text in electronic catalogue;

-Placement of electronic literature in electronic cataloque and creating electronic cards, attaching of full-text files;

- Placement of electronic literature in electronic catalogue  for the demands of other libraries` users;

-Consulting the students and teaching staff and users of automated informative system;

-Conducting of seminars on the rules for users in electronic library.


On Mondays and  Fridays at 8.30-16.30.

On Saturdays   8.30-13.30