Hydrotechnical construction

Dean of the Faculty

Khasanov Bakhriddin Baratovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Reception days: Wednesday: 10: 00-13: 00

Phone:(+998 71) 237-22-36

E-mail: b.hasanov@tiiame.uz

Website: www.he-tiiame.uz



In 1946, the faculty of «Construction of small and big hydroelectric stations» was formed by the first woman-irrigator T.Kolpakova and later it was named as "Hydrotechnics Building", "River hydrotechnical installations and HES building (Hydroelectric station)". Since 1991 in «Educational Center of Training Irrigation Engineers» and from 1996  in faculty of«Hydromelioration»  were trained the specialists of «Water management». In 2004 the faculty was named as «Construction and use of Irrigation hydrotechnical installations»".  According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 3.11.2015 "On measures to improve the preparation and provision of a system of agriculture and water resources with highly qualified cadres", according to the resolution 311, the Faculty  was renamed  as "Construction and use of hydrotechnical installations". According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 24.05.2017, No. PP-300, institute was renamed as  «Tashkent of Irrigation  and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers Institute» and the faculty was renamed as «Hydrotechnical construction». For the 73 years of activity the faculty trained more than 6,000 qualified specialists for our country and more than 100 specialists for foreign countries in water management and energetics spheres. Graduates of the faculty passed their practice at the HES of  Sayano-Shushinsk, Bratsk, Toktogul, Nurek, Ust-Ilimsk, Chorvak, at the Andijan, Tolimarjan, Hissorak reservoirs and in Tuya-Muyun, and Tupolon  hydrousel constructions.  Today graduates of this faculty are working in abovementioned objects. They are:  objects of water management and energetic system, exploitation of big hydrotechnical installations, water reservoirs,  organizations of construction of water management and pump stations.

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