Mechanization of hydromeliorative works

Dean of the Faculty

Norov Begmat Kholmatovich

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent

Reception days: Wednesday: 10: 00-13: 00

Phone: (+99871)237-02-90



About faculty

The faculty of "Mechanization of hydro-meliorative works" was founded on the basis of "Automation and mechanization of water economy" faculty and it was included in the structure of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers.(The decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan UP-3003 of May 24, 2017). In 1946 in"Hydromelioration" faculty there was started the training course of engineers on the speciality "Mechanization of constructive works"". In 1950 there was established the faculty of "Mechanization of hydromeliorativeworks", in 1991 it was reorganized as  educational and scientific center for training engineers of irrigation. Since 1996there were trained specialists of mechanization of hydromeliorativeworks. And it was as a part of the Hydromelioration Faculty.In 2001-2004 it was in the Faculty of Mechanization of Irrigative and Meliorative works, in 2004-2017 in the Faculty of Automation and Mechanization of Water Industry. Today, the faculty includes 2 undergraduates, 1 general engineering and 1 humanitarian departments, directed to the preparation of competitive cadres for the mechanization of water management. The staff of the faculty are working on the research:the development of resource-saving technologies in agriculture and water management; using machines and mechanisms;increasing the technical level; improvement and modernization of technological processes of operation; technical services; repair of machines and mechanisms used in mechanization of meliorative works.

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