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Ministry of water resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Tashkent institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engeneers




«Irrigation and melioration»

Assistant professor

Suvanov B.U.

Education period:

Master’s student:


Malikov E.


Annotation of master’s dissertation

As basic data for writing of the thesis references design materials by institute Uzgiprovodkhoz, UZGIP, NIIIVP, TIIAME, bottom Syrdarya BUIS, Syrdarya’s GGME and also selective on-site investigations of drainage systems.

Relevance of work. The resolution of the president republic of Uzbekistan of 29.04.2012 “About measures for further improvement of a meliorative condition of irrigated lands and effective use of water resources”, and also the State program of development of a water management complex for 2013-2017 demands deep justification, planning and realization of actions to improvement of a meliorative condition of irrigated lands and also to improvement of methodical base of performance of such works.

Purpose and research problems. The purpose of researches consists in scientific justification of meliorative division into districts of the Syrdarya region of Khovos area allowing Fund of melioration of irrigated lands correctly to be guided in strategy of planning of meliorative works and the proff of their efficiency.

Object of research. Object of research is irrigated lands of the Syrdarya region of Khovos area.

Technique of researches. Basis of a technique of meliorative division into districts was generalization of knowledge of natural and technogenic conditions

of the region, analysis materials long - term regime supervision and detection of regularities of change of a hydrodynamic and hydro chemical mode of underground waters in the conditions of an intensive irrigation.

Scientific novelty. Works is that, meliorative division into districts is for the first time executed on operating hydromeliorative system, on the basis of the actual meliorative modes and recommended parameters on expected condition based on the general and private water salt balances. The computing technology of drawing up the synthesized cards allowing is developed to receive information meliorative state and modes from hierarchical level “fields of the farmer “to level of“ administrative area”.

Reliability of work. Reliability of work is caused by use of known settlement techniques, normative documents.

Practical value of researches. The complex analysis of meliorative processes with selective on – site investigation of a drainage on the Syrdarya region of Khovos area in modern condition with drawing up the general and private water salt balances is mode, the reasons are established and the directions of their improvement are defined.

Introductions. Results of researches are used when developing division into districts on types and the drainage sizes.

Work volume. The thesis consists of introduction the review of literature, a technique and condition of carrying out experiences results of researches, conclusions and practical offers.

Conclusions and offers. Division into districts of the Khovos area on The specified principles of meliorative division into districts are developed.

Parameters of meliorative modes for various gidrogeologo – soil meliorative and economic condition taking into account use of resources of collector drainage exhaust waters on an irrigation are developed. Meliorative division into districts of the Syrdarya region of Khovos area on complexity of melioration and the drainage module is executed by the corresponding parameters of recommended meliorative modes. Failure rate of vertical and open horizontal drainage.

Supervisor:                             Assistant professor Suvanov B.U. _________

Master’s student:                                                  Malikov I. _________