Waste management

Waste management is an important part of university life. The university management has organized the separate collection of household waste generated on the territory of the university. For this purpose, containers for separate waste collection are installed near each academic building and on the territory of the university. Chemical waste from laboratories is collected in special containers and then transferred to specialized organizations for disposal. Particular attention is paid to technologies for handling agricultural waste. University researchers have developed their own technologies for obtaining biogas from livestock waste and created biogas plants, which are successfully used in farms. Similar developments are carried out in the field of fruit and vegetable waste utilization.

Regular thematic discussions and training seminars on waste management are held with the university's students. The university has also opened a master's degree program in "Waste Management" to train specialists capable of making science-based decisions in the field of waste management. The university is currently conducting scientific research on GIS mapping of unauthorized landfills and optimization of waste management in rural areas.