Students` dormitory

Director of the Student’s Dormitory

To'raqulova Nurxon 

Phone: +998 (71) 237-19-73

E-mail: @ttj_tiiame_bot




Student’s Dormitory is designed to provide accommodation for bachelor and master students of the university, arrived from distant regions and towns of our country. Currently, the university has four nine-storied Student’s Dormitories, one three-storied Student’s Dormitory and two houses for young scientists and researchers. In the structure of National Research University "Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers" there is an individual student’s hostel with a developed infrastructure. With the aim of improving the life of students the Student’s Dormitories of National Research University "Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers" offer, computer classes with modern information technologies, spiritual rooms, sports grounds and Information- Resource Center, which  are provided in its branches as well. Student’s Dormitories of the university were built in 1986-1987. They have been completely renovated and are being used till now. University is included in a targeted investment program for the construction of new student dormitories and the renovation of old buildings to provide placed for students to live. The offered dormitories for students are divided into corridors (with all facilities on the floor) and sectional-type rooms (a bathroom and a toilet for each section). On each floor of the dormitory there are 2 kitchens, equipped with electric stoves and refrigerators.

In order to create comfortable living conditions for students, there have been organized special rooms for disable-students at Student’s Dormitories, where there are different rooms such as rooms for independent activities, recreation rooms, gyms, rooms for ironing, laundries, sewing rooms, medical rooms and  computer rooms. In students dormitories of NRU "TIIAME" particular attention is paid to the safety of students. As part of the security program, video surveillance systems have been installed in all dormitories and the activities of preventive inspectors have been established. The functions of managing university dormitories are assigned to the administration of student dormitories. In order to meaningfully organize students' free time and improve living conditions in student dormitories, nearly  100 specialists are employed (the director of the dormitory, educators, teachers, preventive inspectors, house managers, medical staff, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, security guards, gardeners and) work. To accommodate students in student dormitories, a platform has been created, through which students can apply online for accommodation in student dormitories and, based on their application, a room will be allocated.

In our country, human dignity is one of the priorities of the state policy to ensure its rights and interests. "Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers" National Research University has created favorable conditions for supporting students with disabilities and actively involving them in social and political life. There are standard ramps with two-way handrails next to the stairs of each building in the student residences. The doors of the building have two layers. Students with disabilities are accommodated in special rooms from the first floor. Comfortable and necessary conditions have been created in the room. Toilets are equipped with special devices. Rector of the National Research University "Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers" Bahadir Mirzayev provided electric wheelchairs for students with disabilities in the student residence and meals prepared in the University kitchen are constantly being distributed. Telegram bot @ttj_tiiame_bot launched to study proposals and applications from students in student dormitories. The room of Students Dormitory Director- building 4, 1st floor, room 102, Asia street, Yunusabot district, Tashkent city,.

Address: 1, Asiya street, Yunusabad district, Tashkent city.

Directions: underground Hamid Olimjon station, underground Minor station, buses 2, 89, 95, 38, 88, hydrometcenter bus stop.

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