Students` dormitory

Director of the student’s dormitory

Bukhorov Ismoil Nematovich

+99871 237-19-73






Students` Dormitory is intended for providing students and masters of the institute, who come from far regions and towns of the republic.

Today, institute has three nine-storied students’ dormitory and two houses for young scholars and researchers.

Students` Dormitory is an independent body of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers with a developed infrastructure:

* 2nd Students Dormitory

* 3rd Students Dormitory

* 4th Students Dormitory

* Young scholars` and researchers` house.


For improving students' living conditions modern information technologies are introduced at the dormitory; students are equipped with computer-classes and branches of information-resource-centers as well. 2nd and 3rd Students Dormitories are designed for 404 students, with a total area of ​​8011 m2. The dormitory consists of 9 floors. There are 202 living rooms.

The 4th Students` Dormitory is for 400 students with a total area of ​​7,991 square meters. The dormitory consists of 9 floors. The total number of living rooms is 160 in 80 sections. Each section is for 4 students and consists of 2 rooms. The smaller room is designed for dining and studying; the bigger room is for resting. There are a shower-room and a toilet in each section. The sections are furnished.

Each floor of the dormitory has 2 ironing rooms, a laundry room and a restroom. In the rooms of spirituality and enlightenment, our students are provided with eight types of newspaper/magazines to be aware of news and events in our country and in the world.                                              


Directions: Hamid Alimjan metro station, Minor metro station, buses 2, 89, 95, 38, 88, bus station – Hydrometcenter.

Address: 100000, Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Yunusabad district, Osiyo street, 1.