Qualification exams

Qualification exams

In institutions that accept qualification exams, a commission for acceptance of qualification exams is established for a period of 2 years by the order of the head of the institution, in agreement with the HEC. The specialty commission consists of 5-7 members with a scientific degree, including a candidate of science with a doctor of science degree or a professor's scientific title, or a doctor of philosophy (Doctor of Philosophy) or another scientific degree equivalent to it issued in foreign countries. will consist of an appointed chairman. At least 2 members of the commission must be doctors of science.

The commission has the right to take the exam if at least more than half of the commission members participate in its work.

The list of examiners is approved by the order of the rector of the university, and it must indicate the place and time of the qualifying examination. The text of this order must be published on the official website of the institution within one working day after its signing.

In order to include a candidate in the list of examiners, organizations apply in writing to the institution where the qualification exams are held, attaching a copy of the candidate's identity document, by the 1st of the month of the next session of the qualification exams. The means of contact with the candidate (phone number, e-mail address, etc.) must be clearly and completely reflected in the application. Based on this application, candidates will be included in the list of examinees by the institution.

Test-takers are admitted to qualification exams on the basis of their identity documents.

The qualification exam is conducted in written and oral form. Exam papers with a special mark for preparation of answers in written form are prepared in advance by the institutions.

The examiners answer the questions in front of the commission members. Additional questions may be asked by the commission members.

The level of knowledge of the candidate is estimated at 100 points.

The record of acceptance of qualification exams is filled out by each examiner and the exam questions given to him. The certificate of acceptance of qualification exams is signed by the commission members who participated in it and approved by the rector of the university.

Applicants who successfully pass the qualification exams will be issued a certificate within 10 days. The certificate is signed by the chairman of the commission and the rector of the university.

This certificate is valid for five years.