Preparatory courses for applicants at NRU” TIIAME’’

The National Research University "TIIAME" offers preparatory courses. The courses provide students with the opportunity to effectively prepare for admission to higher educational institutions in Uzbekistan.

Preparatory courses of the National Research University "TIIAME" offer training in the following subjects:

• Chemistry

• Physics

• English language

• Russian language

• Mathematics

• History of Uzbekistan

• Uzbek language and literature

The applicant has the right to choose the language of instruction - Russian or Uzbek, as well as a convenient class time (from 15:00 to 18:00).

The level and group of students may be changed depending on the level of knowledge of students after midterm tests.

In the program of preparatory courses it is also planned to introduce activities and specialization of areas of education at our university.

Class time, intensity and location:

The Preparatory Courses Department offers a one-year (9-month) program.

Classes are held 3 times a week for 80-120 minutes.

Mathematics, educational building B, 3rd floor, room B-305.

Chemistry, academic building B, room B-09.

Physics, educational building B, room B-011.

English language, educational building B, 1st floor, room B-116.

Russian language, educational building B, 2nd floor, room B-213.

Uzbek language and literature, educational building B, 2nd floor, room B-214.

History of Uzbekistan, educational building B, 2nd floor, room B-222.

Participants in preparatory courses must comply with the following rules:

Be courteous to all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the University;

Do not talk loudly (including on the phone), do not shout, do not behave rudely and do not run through the corridors;

Maintain University property and equipment, personal property, and maintain cleanliness on University property.