Our rector accepted the youth from Yashnabad district

  It is important to suggest that the rector of "TIIAME" National Research University prof. B.S.Mirzaev met with young people, who live in Islom ota makhalla of Yashnabad district, Tashkent. The aim of the meeting  was to identify the problems and provide the necessary  support in different spheres. The meeting was attended by several representatives of by makhalla. During the meeting held at the university, it was revealed that Kodirov Abdulaziz from Besharik makhalla, needs help in studying at a driving school in order to obtain a driver's license, Ibragimova Khuvaydo from  Navruzabad makhalla needs an interpreter due to the lack of hearing and speaking problems, the schoolboy Kholboev Daniil needs a support to attend swimming pool for free,  a resident of Navruzabad makhalla Ungarova Oydina, who has vision problems , currently finishing her Master's degree program at National University of Uzbekistan also needs help to pass a foreign language exam with the aim of admission to the doctoral studies. At the end of the meeting, the rector instructed the responsible people to provide them assistance and support.


Press Service of “TIIAME” National Research University