The organized event at university:Followers of Zulfiyakhanim

      Appreciating the women of our country, increasing their position and authority in society, supporting their dreams, becoming an example for young people with their skills, realizing their abilities in various fields and industries, using their deep knowledge and intellectual potential to create the foundations of the Third Renaissance. In order to encourage active participation in accelerating large-scale reforms, our active women are usually awarded with Zulfiya State Prize. One of our such hero girls was Rukhshona Abdurazzakova.

    On May 26, 2023 under the leadership of Zamira Beknazarova, Deputy Dean for Women and Girls at university, “Hydromelioration” faculty, professor -teachers such as Farida Yunusova and others,  organized the  event titled "Followers of Zulfiyakhanim". At the age of 14,she became the laureate of the Zulfiya State Prize, though she was the youngest laureate in our republic. The invited guest shared her ideas with the participants of the event, which was interesting and motivating for all.




Press Service of National Research University “TIIAME”