"Information Technologies"course for students

 Teshaev Nozimjon, a teacher of “Geodesy and Geoinformatics”Department, of “Land Resources and Cadastre” Faculty, organized a course for the  3rd year students (313-314), named “Innovative technologies in remote sensing of the Earth using "ArcGIS and Erdas Imagine" programs. Avazov Ikrom, a teacher of general technical sciences of “Agricultural Mechanization” Faculty conducted classes about the basics of design (CAD / CAM / CAYe) and 3D engineering design subjects in the Solid Works program for the  2nd year students and providing graduate students the opportunity to  prepare 3D models of objects for printing on a 3D printer, performing tasks such as building, creating animation, modeling and analysing.  At the “Theoretical and Structural Mechanics “Department , such   engineering programs as ANSYS, ABAQUES that draw a structure in 2D and 3D views, is used for creating a model, and analyzing its deformation, tension, strength and priority under the action of various forces. Plaxis 3D (unlimited), GTS NX programs are mainly used in the calculation of hydraulic structures. It makes possible to calculate soil nodes by taking into account the stress-strain state and filtration.In the departments where the mentioned courses are held, there are enough computer classes for course attendees.