Incubator of Ideas

Idea Incubator - was established in 2019 as part of the National Research University "TIIAME", the main goal of the incubator is to help and accelerate the innovative ideas of students of NRU "TIIAME".

The "Incubator of Ideas" organized several events and competitions, which were held at the national and university levels.

In 2020, started special university intellectual competition "From Idea to Start up Intellect-2020". This competition covers a wide range of university students.

 In 2022, a summer school on the topic “STARTUP: THEORY, PRACTICE, RESEARCH AND BUSINESS INTEGRATION” was organized in the “Incubator of Ideas”, covering NRU “TIIAME” and its branches.

In total, this summer school was attended by 37 students of the National Research University "TIIAME", Bukhara Institute of Nature Management and the Karshi Institute of Irrigation and Agrotechnologies.

As part of the summer school at the Incubator, international trainers shared their experience and knowledge on how to bring an idea to the level of a startup and turn it into a business project. At the end of daily classes, various cultural and sports events were held in order to meaningfully spend the free time of students and give them a cheerful mood, including: volleyball, football, table tennis, chess, checkers and other similar sports events, cultural and entertainment events of various content.

During the summer school, students received theoretical knowledge, skills, experience and experience from well-known startups on how to turn their ideas into finished products.

At the moment, the "Incubator of Ideas" is supervised by experienced students, who have won more than 10 competitions and olympiads and have several personal startups. More than 60 university students work on their ideas in the Ideas Incubator. As a result, more than 20 students became the winners of the district stage in the 2023 season of the Republican competition "Heirs of Mirzo Ulugbek", which was established in 2022.