Hydraulics and Hydroinformatics


Hydraulics and Hydroinformatics

Head of the department 

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Arifjanov Aybek Mukhamedjanovich

Tel.: +998(71)2371971

 Email:  a.arifjanov@tiiame.uz




The history of the Department of Hydraulics and Hydroinformatics began in 1918 with the department of Hydraulic. The first head of the department in 1920 was a dean of the Faculty of Melioration of Turkestan State University V.D.Jurin; and under the direction of Jurin, Central Asian Scientific Research Institute was formed, which was later named after him. From 1932 to 1936 the head of the department “Hydraulics” was S.V.Novokreschenov. In cooperation with the well-known scientist E.A.Zamarin, the department “Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures” was established. The department “Hydraulics” was headed by the famous scientist, prof. A.V.Troitsky. At this time the laboratory of Hydraulics was created. Outstanding specialists in this field were invited to work at the department: prof. M.S.Vizgo, docents L.A.Mashkovich, M.V.Selemetov, A.N.Razeeva, R.M.Karimov. Docents L.A.Mashkovich headed the department of Hydraulics from 1962 to 1973. Over the years, a number of educational and methodological works have been published in the department. From 1973 to 1984, the head of the department was a talented scientist, dean of the Hydromelioration faculty, R.M.Karimov. In these years, the only hydraulic laboratory in Central Asia was established in the department of Hydraulics. Famous scientists such as P.N.Gurina, N.P.Togunova, G.I.Shishorina, I.A.Imerova, E.Mahmudov were invited to work at the department.

Candidate of technical Sciences, docent Y.Eshmurodov headed the department from 1984 to 1989. During this time, the department of Hydraulics was enlarged, in the laboratory were installed models on the theme “Hydraulic machines” and “Hydraulic drives.” Candidates of technical sciences T.G.Djunusov, A.M.Arifjanov, D.R.Bozorov, senior teacher A.M.Ishonkhodjaev were invited to work. Docents R.M.Karimov, P.N.Gurina, N.P.Togunova, G.I.Shishorina, K.K.Isakov, assistant teachers I.A.Imerova, T.N.Tursunova, I.A.Akhmedkhodjaeva, R.Kuchkorov, a head of the Laboratory S.Nafasov, a training master A.S.Murzin, a senior laboratory assistant teacher A.S.Berdiev. In 1994, Honored Irrigator of Uzbekistan, docent R.M.Karimov was appointed again as the head of the department. During this period, scientific, methodical, scientific, socio-cultural works were raised up to a new higher level. In 2003-2004 years, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. D.R.Bozorov, headed the department.

In 2004 A.M.Arifjanov was appointed as the head of the department. On May 24, 2017, by the President Decree №PD-3003 the new department of Hydraulics and Hydropharmacy was established. In present time,  professor A.M.Arifjanov (Head of the Department since 2004), doctor of technical sciences, professor D.R.Bazarov, candidate of technical sciences, docent I.A.Akhmedkhodjaeva, candidate of technical sciences, docent K.K.Isakov, senior teachers K.Rakhimov and A.Khojaev, assistant teachers Z.Ibragimova, S.Khidirov, L.Samiev, heads of the laboratory N.Pulatov, K.Arifjanova and laboratory assistant teacher T.Yusupalieva are working at the department. In 2004 Professor A.M. Arifjanov  was elected to the position of the head of the department "Hydraulics", Doctor of Technical Sciences, which is currently in charge. During this time, well-known scientists in the field of hydraulics, a student of academician Kh.A.Rakhmatulin the author of the first textbook which written at a state language the doctor of technical science, professor K.Sh. Latipov, a deserved irrigator of Uzbekistan candidate of technical science, docent R.M. Karimov, honored mentor of Uzbekistan candidate of technical science, docent N.P. Togunova, doctor of science, prof. A. Shakirov, doctor of  science, prof. D. Bazarov, doctor of  science, prof. S. Hudaykulov, doctor of  science,Fatkhullayev, prof. I. Akhmetkhodzhayev, candidate of technical science, docent  H. Isakov, candidate of technical science, docent B. Obidov, PhD K. Rakhimov, S. Hidirov, L. Samiyev, senior teachers A. Ishankhodzhayev, A. Hodjiyev, assistants Z. Ibragimova, T. Apakhudayeva, M. Atakhonov, head of the laboratory K. Arifjanov, N. Pulatova, laboratory assistants Z. Umarova, T. Yusupaliyeva.

Currently, the department employs doctor of technical science, prof. A.M. Arifjanov (Head of the Department of 2004),  prof. I.A.Ahmedkhodzhaeva, Ph.D., docent K.Rahimov, docent L. Samiev, docent H. Kurbanov, docent Sh. Kenzhebaev, A.Hodzhiev, assistants Z.Ibrahimova, T.Apakhuzhayeva, M.Atakhanov, D.Allayarov, D.Atakulov. Since 2010, the department has been working magistracy and doctoral studies in the specialty "Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology". Over the past two years, two doctoral dissertations and four doctoral philosophies (PhDs) have been prepared and defended at the department. The results of the research works of the department are widely used in the fields of water and agriculture, as well as in the educational process. The teachers of the department participate in the Republican competition “EngYahshipedagog” and take pride of place. Members of the scientific community of students “Evrika” at the department participate in prestigious competitions and take pride of place. Over the past two years, members of the scientific community of students have published: 45 articles, 2 patents, certificates for 5 programs and 1 monograph. Under the guidance of teachers of the department for 37 years, students take the first place in the Republican Olympiad of scientific prizes in the subject "Hydraulics". The educational literature prepared by the teachers of the department has been translated into different languages. At the Republican competition "Yilning eng yahshi uquv adabiyoti" is the winner.