"Hungarian Scholarship": A seminar-training at ‘Economics” Faculty

   On November 16, 2023 a seminar-training about "Hungarian Scholarship" was organized  at ‘Economics” Faculty for the students of our university. At the organized event the students of “Economics” Faculty of “TIIAME” National Research University took part. The event was held in B-Corpus, 4-Floor at the Conference Hall of the Faculty. The event was organized by the initiative of Guzal Eshchanova, Associate Professor of “English Language” Department. At the beginning of the event, Guzal Eschanova provided a brief information about a close partner of our university Obuda University, Hungary and about the International Competition “Hungarian Scholarship”, which gives a great opportunity to study on a grant basis in different Study Programs at Bachelor and Master degrees. Besides that, there was given information about that any course students can apply for studying during one academic year at Obuda University, Hungary, with a minimum B2 level Certificate (IELTS 6). The participants of the event received full answers to their questions about the stages of the competition and the required documents for the Hungarian Scholarship.

Press Service of “TIIAME” National Research University