'Human Resources' Department

Head of Human Resources

Fayzullaev Rustam Khamraevich

Teephone number : +99871) 237-19-49





The working function of the personnel department rules by the law and the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees of the supreme court, labor codex, national program of personnel preparation, decrees of Minister and also decrees of Minister of agriculture and water economy and orders of the Minister of higher and secondary education, the statute of personnel department and the annual plan of the personnel department which confirmed every year by the rector of the university.

The duties of the personnel department are the followings:

  1. Admittance of personnel by the authority of the university and head of departments according to the national program of personnel preparation who is able to response to modern requirements of preparing personnel, high experienced, who has deep professional knowledge, scientific achievements, creative scientific abilities, high intelligence and morals;
  2. Formalize the documents according to labor contract provides a job, conducts to other position and sets free professor teachers, assistants and administrative personnel;
  3. To keep labor book, to fill up, formalize the documents about personnel;
  4. To compose graphic to going on vocation and controlling its function;
  5. Formalize the documents and register disability;
  6. To calculate the information about encourage and awarding;
  7. Preparation the documents for personnel about pension;
  8. Formalize working travel documents and to prepare an order about it Formulate the information base about university personnel and constant update;
  9. To keep, to receive and to lead the personal documents of all branches of students;
  10. To register and control the decree about students (acceptance, transference, eraction,  setting off, encourage and other);
  11. To complete and send to archives the personal documents of graduated and fired students.
  12. To formalize, register  and give diploma to graduating students.
  13. To give an information about the vacancies to the department of the social safety of the district every month.


Vacant Places


Confirmation of  Diploma


Tashkent city, str. Kari Niyaziy 39.

Phone: (+99871) 2371949, (+99871) 2371929

Fax: (+99871) 2373879