Holiday of Solidarity and Thanksgiving

        It is worth mentioning that holidays have become an integral part of our lives. It is a pleasure to see the people's attitude when they hear the word "holiday". Navruz is one of the best holidays for Uzbek people, which is close to the heart of everyone. Due to Navrus, people remember good traditions and customs, which unites peoples in every parts of the country. The holiday brings people kindness, happiness as well as the beauty of nature. In addition, Navruz serves to strengthen solidarity and friendship, promotes the universal human values, such as mutual understanding between peoples.


Navruz is one of the brightest, most joyful and beautiful holidays, not only in Uzbekistan, but in the whole Muslim East! Spring festival of Navruz, the oriental New Year, is directly connected with the coming of spring and is celebrated on 21 March, on the spring (vernal) equinox, when day becomes equal to night and continues to win from it several minutes with every next turn of the Earth, and when the New Solar Year brings a new phase of renewal.

The name of Navruz (which is translated from Farsi as ‘the new day’) speaks for itself: it is a new life, new garments, the awakening of the nature after the long winter sleep, a bright sun and people’s happy smiles. Navruz is more than a holiday. The popular belief says, “He who celebrates and has fun on the day of Navruz will spend his life cheerfully until the next Navruz celebration”. People dance, sing ritual songs and enjoy themselves, happily receiving the spring and making presents to their relatives and friends, as well as to other people, orphans and the poor, who are in need of help.

     The holiday Navruz, among other national values, serves as a spiritual support for the being-implemented large-scale democratic reforms, aimed at achieving the most important goals, such as building a free and prosperous life in the country. In the conditions of New Uzbekistan, when every cirtizen of our country, regardless of nationality, language and religion, is increasingly aware of  rights and interests. Navruz has become a truly national holiday and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.

   Press Service of National Research University "TIIAME"