Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics


Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics

Head of the Department

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Baratov Rustam Zhalilovich

Теl.:  +99871-237-19-65

Email: r.baratov@tiiame.uz





The department was founded in 1934, and its original name was "Automated Electric Management". Its first director was GE Baev, who headed the department in 1934-1958. By 1962, the departments "Electrical control and automation" and "Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering" were established on the basis of the department, and its first director was candidate of technical sciences I.A. Reinike, then until 1968 senior teacher A. Shishkin, in 1968-1973 associate professor A. Mamazhanov , in 1973-1983, professor S. Majidov, in 1983-1993, the department was headed by scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor Madiyar Fakhritdinovich Zaripov, who served in Bashkortostan. Under the leadership of Professor M.F.Zaripov, a very large school was created in the field of information-measuring techniques and elements of automation, and highly qualified specialists were trained and are currently working in the Russian Federation, Germany, Uzbekistan, CIS countries, Ethiopia, Togo and other countries. More than 20 doctors of science and more than 100 candidates of science were trained in the field of computer technology and elements of control systems under the direct leadership of Professor M.F. Zaripov. During this period, the potential of the department rose to the highest level, professor S.M. Majidov, associate professors Sh. A. Kh. Gaziev, S. Kh. Alieva, M. N. Zokirova, assistants S. F. Amirov, A. Khakimov, K. Tolakhodjaev, N. U. Mallin, R. J. Baratov, graduate students Bayor Sibiri, Zenebe Tasfaye, G. Khachaturyan, A. Denmukhammadiev, D. Kontar. Went

In 1993-2004, the department was headed by professor S.F. Amirov. By 2004, the departments "Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering", "Automated electrical management" and "Automation of agricultural production" were united and the department "Electrotechnics of water management and its automation" was established. In 2004-2006, associate professors R.Gazieva, A.Kh.Vokhidovlar, and in 2006-2008 R.J.Baratov headed this department. In 2010, the department of "Electrical engineering and electrical management" was established on the basis of the department of "Electrical engineering of water management and its automation" and it was headed by associate professor A. Isakov. In 2012-2016, the department received Ph.D. A.A. Boqiev was in charge. In 2016 - 2017, Ph.D. A. M. Denmukhammadiev was the director. From June 2017, as a result of some significant structural changes in the institute, the department was included in the newly established faculty of "Electrification and automation of agriculture and water management", and the department of "Electrical engineering and mechatronics" was established. Since June 2017, the department has received Ph.D. R. J. Baratov is leading.

During this short period of time in the department, starting from the 2017-2018 academic year, 5313200 - "Technical expertise and marketing of technology and technologies" (Electrical and electronic equipment), 5A430502 - Smart (Intelligent) measuring systems and devices and in cooperation with the Michigan State University of the USA, a master's degree in the fields of joint 5A430503 - Smart sensors and technology was established, and students were admitted to the first year starting from the current academic year. From the academic year 2021-2022, the course 6071150-"Mechatronics and robotics" was established. The curriculum of this field of study and specialties was developed on the basis of the curricula of the universities of the developed countries of the world, the USA, Germany, Great Britain and Japan, and was enriched with new subjects. At the moment, the department is operating 60722900-"Technical expertise and marketing of techniques and technologies" (Electrical and electronic equipment), 6071150-"Mechatronics and robotics" and 70810502-"Intelligent measuring systems and devices" specialty.