Economic department

The manager of the Technics Use and Economic Department

Xodjibabaev Xasan Abdumajitovich

Tel: +99871 237-34-98

Technics Use and Economic  Department

The department provides service to develop material and technical base of the Institute, to create academic condition in the Departments, laboratories and lecture halls, to supply social wellfare for living in dometries, as well as to keep state property well, to do reconstructions in the territory of the Institute, in the blocks in the dometries, to organize planting greenery in the territory of the Institute.

Technics Use and Economic department consists of the followings:

1 Chief Power Engineer.

2  Academic scientific base.

3 Academic training workshop.

4 Building group.

5 Heating boiler house.

6 Mechanical department.


Buronov Khayrullo Khayitboevich

Tel: +99871 237-19-03    +99894 634-17-40

Academic training workshop

Academic  training workshop of the Institute consists of carpentry, mechanics, welding and locksmith workshops and students have their training practice there. Master classes are held in mechanics carpentry and welding for the students during their practice.

In addition to that workers of academic training workshop do reconstruction, repairing work on the base of taken requirements from departments and blocks.   


For contacting academic scientific base

Tel:+99871235-87-31   +99897 772-0880

Academic scientific base

Academic scientific base realizes technical service according to the orders taken from the Institute with existed autotransport means. There are 13 transport means,7 of them are training cars, one of them is truck, one of them is service bus, 4 of them are service and on duty buses. All transport means are prepared for seasons condition and are checked by annual technical and metrology control.  There are lecture halls of “traffic rules” and “The structure of autotransport means” in the base, they are equipped according to state standarts. There is “Estakada” service pits, boxes for keeping transport Besides, driving lessons type “B” are held for the students, stuff and other citizens in the academic scientific base, 6 groups were conducted registration of DTS IDR(Department of Traffic Security Inspector Departmernt of the Republic) in 2017, 25 learners are studying  in each group,  4 teachers and 7 instructors are working at improving lessons efficiency. The amount of contract fee for training course is 1600000 sums for per learner. Institute academic scientific base have been providing service for thousands  of citizens, students and workers.