Department of teaching theory and methodology


Department of teaching theory and methodology

Head of the Department

Doctor of Pedagogy, Associate Professor

Sabirova Gulnoza Sadikovna

Tel: +99871 2374665






The Department of Teaching Theory and Methodology was established on February 1, 2023. More than 10 highly qualified professors work in the department. Almost all professors have certificates of international and national language skills (IELTS, CEFR, TESOL, TKT, APTIS for Teachers) and are recognized as qualified specialists among the representatives of the field. In addition, professors and teachers with many years of experience have created a number of educational and methodological manuals, textbooks and other educational materials for teaching English to non-specialized students, many of them are widely used by students and pedagogues of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the purpose of learning and teaching English. Currently, 1 Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (DSc) and 4 Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) are engaged in pedagogical and scientific activities of the department. They have published a number of scientific publications, including monographs, brochures and articles in prestigious foreign and national journals, as well as theses at conferences. Currently, the team of the department is headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Gulnoza Sabirova.

The department has been teaching students of the major "Philology and language teaching". The teachers of the department teach such subjects as phonetics, grammar, introduction to Roman-Germanic philology, integrated skills and literature. In July-August 2023, professors and teachers of the department improved their knowledge and skills in the courses offered by the NILE training institute located in Norwich, Great Britain. Professors and teachers participated in the following courses: CLIL; assessment, testing and evaluation; using videos and movies in teaching. In October 2023, professors and teachers of the department G.S. Sabirova, B.R. Samatova and K. Alautdinova delivered lectures at the Eura Asian National University of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which rates top 276th place in the QS World Ranking. During 2023, teachers of the department organized a Spelling Bee, Drama theater, a trip to Samarkand, a trip to the Sun Institute and Suqoq forest with 1-2 course students of the "Philology and Language Teaching" program.