Department of soil and agriculture


Department of soil and agriculture

Head of the department

Hakberdiev Obid Eshniyozevich

Candidate of sciences, Docent

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The department was founded in 1940 and until 1959 it was headed by Professor N.Kurbatov. Before, the department consisted of 10 teachersand later  it became one of the scientific center of Central Asia. During the 1959-1968, professor I.Sukach headed the department and together with academician, S. Ryzhov there was prepared and published a textbook of "Irrigated agriculture". It was corresponding to the conditions of Uzbekistan. This textbook wasused in the spheres of soil studying, agriculture and agronomy for more than 20 years. The department was headed by the following teachers:In 1940-1959 –N.Kurbatov, 1959-1968 –I.Sukach, 1968-1986 - A.Qashqarov, 1987-1991 - K. Paganyas, 1991-2012 - O. Ramazonov , 2012-2013-С.Buriev, 2013-2014 - M. Pirakhunov, 2014-2015 - A.Ahatov, 2015-2017-С.Buriev, 2017 A. Khakberdiev.

In 1968-1986, the department was headed by professor Kashkarov Ahmad Kashkarovich. He was born in 1912 andin 1963 graduated from the Tashkent Agricultural Institute. More than 30 years heworked in All-Union Research Institute of "Cotton"and in 1964 he defended his doctoral dissertation. Under his leadership there was prepared and published a manual of "Irrigated agriculture in arid zones."Professor A.Kashkarov prepared more than 30 candidates and 4 doctors of sciences. In 1987-1991, professor K.Paganyaswas a head of the department and with professor K.Mirzazhonov they published a monograph "Protection of lands from erosion processes." During 1991-2017 years the department was headed by Professor O. Ramazonov, docents Egamkulov, E.Ziyomuhammedov, N.Kashkarov, S.Buriev, M. Pirakhunov, A. Akhatov, S. Buriev. Since the department has been headed by docent O.Khakberdiyev. The staff of the department  are: 2 professors, 4 docents, 1 senior teachers, 1 assistant teachers, 1 head of the cabinet and 1 laboratory assistant.