Department of Office-Registrar

Department of Office-Registrar (hereinafter referred to as the Department) of “Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agriculture Mechanization Engineers" (hereinafter referred to as the University), the structure of the university, which is responsible for creating and developing science programs, ensuring openness and transparency of the educational process, preventing bureaucratic barriers in the system and the formation of analytical data and optimizing the decision-making process.

Management structure

Head of Department, chief specialists and specialists.

The main tasks of the Department

Gradual transition of the university academic process to a credit-module system;

Introduce advanced standards of higher education based on international experience, including a gradual transition from a theoretical education system to a practical education system;

Raising the quality of higher education to a qualitatively new level, establishing a system of training highly qualified personnel who can make a worthy contribution to the sustainable development of the social sphere and the economy, and find their place in the labor market;

Increasing the investment attractiveness of higher education, attracting foreign educational and scientific technologies;

Increasing the investment attractiveness of higher education, attracting foreign educational and scientific technologies;

Management of information on curricula and study schedules, study and examination schedules, student mastery and attendance;

Ensuring openness and transparency of all processes in the activities of higher education institutions;

Automation of the educational process in higher education;

The Board organizes the educational process in accordance with the duly approved foreign and state educational standards, curricula and working curricula, standard and working curricula in the disciplines, on the basis of which compiles lesson plans and distributes them to all faculties, ensures full implementation by departments;

Coordinates the activities of faculties, departments and other structural units involved in the educational process;

During the implementation of the normative documents in the educational process, identifies the norms that do not work well in them and prepares appropriate recommendations and suggestions for their further improvement;

The department, together with the dean's office, monitors the implementation of the current rating system of assessment, quality control of teaching, student achievement;

Studies, summarizes and introduces into the educational process modern information and pedagogical technologies and practical experience used in the country and abroad.

Supervises the provision of students with curricula and other academic documents by departments;

Takes measures to implement the decisions of the University Council and the Academic Council in the educational process;

Regularly monitors the correctness of students' personal documents, rating records and other similar documents.

Address: Tashkent, Kari-Niyoziy 39

Building/office: IT park, 1st floor

Tel: +998 71 237 19 75