Department of Accountancy

Department of Accountancy deals with the financial activity of the institute on the base of instruction «National standard of accounting»( №2169), approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of  Uzbekistan(22.12.2010). It provides the financial reports to the state Bodies.

Main task of the Accountancy:

  • Accounting is carried out in accordance with regulations and the National Treasury Program of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan "PC UzASBO";
  • Conducting budget and off-budge tmeans according to thebudget expenditure of the institute.
  • Control of cash and material assets.
  • Inventoryofmonetaryfunds, financialdocumentsandmaterial assets.
  • Salaryaccounting, scholarshipandotherpayments.
  • Controlofincomesandoutcomes,othermaterialassetsanddrawup.
  • FulfillotherobligationsofthelegislationofUzbekistan, connectingwithfinance of the Institute.


Chief accountant (71)237-19-11

Payment department (71)237-19-06

Material assets department (71)237-19-53

Students departments (71)237-19-79

Pay desk  (71)237-38-67

1. Questions: Can it be paid a scholarship to the student who didn`t get good results of his/her control?

Answer: According to the registered instruction of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of  Uzbekistan (№ 1339, 2004, April 16), students of higher educational institutions who couldn`t have good results for  their reyting control(less than 55%), they aren`tpaida scholarship from the first day of the next term.  Students  whogot good results for  their reyting control( more than 55%), they are paida scholarshipaccording to their level of progress.It is paid from the first day of the next term.

2. Questions: Can it be paid asalary only in card?

Answer: It can be paid only in card according to the employees`or students` statement.

3. Question: Can it be given backan amount of money which was paid more than necessary for the contract?

Answer:If it was paid more than necessary, there will be made an act to give it back to the payer or transform it to the next year.

4. Question: Can  tbe given monthly in formati on about salary and scholarship?


- It can be applied to the accountancy of your institution;

- Accountancyputthenumberofyourmobile into the program UzACBO

- You canseeyourmonthlysalaryandscholarshiponyourmobilephone, inTELEGRAMgroup@Oylikbot.