Cooperation with a scientist from Russian University

 It is important to suggest that Melikov Aleksey Vladimirovich, Associate Professor of “Automation and Robotization of Technological Processes” Department at the Institute of Mechanics and Energy named after. Goryachkin and Russian State Agrarian University named after V.P. Timiryazev made a visit to  “Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics” Department  on the basis of a memorandum signed between two universities. Until that period, Melikov taught “Fundamentals of Mechatronics” in online regime to the  3rd year undergraduate students on “Mechatronics and Robotics”. He is currently continuing his offline lectures on the mentioned subject and conducted final exam. During his visit, he got acquainted with the scientific and methodological work of the department and talked with professors, doctoral students and independent researchers of the department about the future work plan of the department.



Press Service of “TIIAME” National Research University