Chief Engineer

The head of engineer

Kobilov Bokhodir Abdiraim o’g’li

Tel: 71 237-19-15.


Reception hours: Monday-Friday (02.00 p.m.-04.00p.m.)

Objective of the head of engineer:
  • Plans and organizes the construction activities of the University;
  • Develops a draft annual construction plan of the University;
  • University funding and construction materials together with the chief accountant, ensure that it is used correctly and for specific purposes;
  • Determines measures to improve the construction of the University;
  • On the issue of construction of the university among higher education institutions
  • further improving the quality of construction while increasing its competitiveness.
Duties of the head of engineer:
  • Directly related to the activities of the departments of engineering services of the University provides guidance;
  • Control over compliance with the rules of technical safety and technical operation of important facilities at the University;
  • Reconstruction, capital with existing internal resources of the University or contractors and negotiating and hiring for repairs;
  • Preparation of design and estimate documentation for the overhaul of the university, including the building and its evacuation plan;
  • Separate materials for each object on the material and technical base of the university compile and prepare a list;
  • Reconstruction of existing facilities at the University, as well as expensive and large-scale equipment address and participate in building adaptation issues;
  • Supervise the technical condition and equipment of buildings and their timely repair;
  • Explain to subordinates and make them work provide security training.