Center for retraining and professional development of staff in tashkent institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanisation engineers

The Center for advanced the skill and retraining of staff under the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers was established in 1966 to operate as a faculty of advanced training. Since 1997, it has been operating as a center for the development and training of international relations. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 30, 2004 № 150 "on the establishment of the Tashkent institute of irrigation and melioration" and September 3, 2004 № 415 "on improving the system of training highly qualified personnel for agriculture and water management" and Tashkent institute of irrigation and melioration by order № 187 A/F of September 13, 2004, reorganized and operated as a "Center for professional development and retraining".

The branch center in these years:

  • organization and monitoring of advanced training and retraining of professors and teachers of the institute in other higher education institutions;
  • organization of professional development courses for professors and teachers of other higher education institutions;
  • to improve the qualification of out of places of water management and land reclamation enterprises and organizations management personnel, land Cadastre and land resources management personnel who use hydrotechnical facilities;
  • organization of training and educational services for listeners in professional courses (computer literacy, in-depth training of computer, organizational and information technologies, training and advanced training of excavator, bulldozer and dredger drivers, pump station maintenance technicians);
  • organized language courses for listeners and students and taught foreign citizens in language courses.

Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 12, 2015 № PD-4732 "On measures to further improve the system of retraining and advanced training of managers and teachers of higher education institutions", August 20, 2015 "Retraining of managers and teachers of higher education institutions" and on measures to organize their professional development ” № 242, order of the minister of higher and secondary special education No. 213 of June 16, 2015, Order of the Institute (TIIM) № 404 A/F of October 10, 2015 “Teacher retraining and advanced training” was reorganized and continues to operate as a network center. Decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on introduction of the system of continuous professional development of managers and pedagogical personnel of higher education institutions” dated August 27, 2019, № 797 of the Cabinet of Ministers “on additional measures for further improvement of the system of professional development of managers and pedagogical personnel of higher education institutions” dated September 23, 2019. Over the past years, the network center for retraining and advanced training of teachers was headed by docent А.Pulatov, docent T.Tursunov, docent D.Nazaraliev, docent B.Matyakubov, docent B.Eshmatov. Since May 2017, the network center has been headed by docent G.Bekmirzaev.

Currently, the network Center is carrying out work on the organization of retraining and qualification courses of professors and teachers of higher educational institutions of the Republic in the following 11 directions:

  1. Water management and melioration;
  2. Mechanization of water management and reclamation works;
  3. Use of hydraulic structures and pumping stations;
  4. Mechanization of agriculture;
  5. Land management and land cadaster;
  6. Electrification and automation of agriculture;
  7. Water supply engineering systems;
  8. Innovative technologies and their use in water management;
  9. Hydropower facilities in irrigation systems;
  10. Organization and management of water resources;
  11. Technical service in agriculture and water management.

In addition, the network center is improving the skills of teachers of special subjects and masters of industrial education of professional colleges specializing in water management in the country. In cooperation with the Ministry of water economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, all expenses (estimates) for the organization of training courses of senior employees of organizations of the Ministry system were calculated and approved. Training plans and programs for the qualification of the directors of water construction invest dock in the system of the ministry, heads of melioration expeditions, heads of pumping stations, heads of water reservoirs, heads of irrigation departments of the district and heads of irrigation watershed departments have been approved and today the qualification courses have been organized. The Central Asian Regional Environmental Center (CAREC) has organized a summer school course on “Water Resources Management: Integration of Theory, Practice and Research”. In the framework of the Uzbekistan - Switzerland project "Development of professional skills in Uzbekistan" phase IV, since 2015, work has been carried out on "Improving the effectiveness of training and retraining courses for water supply system specialists in regional vocational training centers." In order to conduct high-level retraining and qualification courses in the network Center, 2 computer rooms equipped with modern computers and video projectors connected to 43 Internet systems and 2 educational auditoriums equipped with electronic whiteboards, "excavator simulator" and the pump station" lecture and practical lessons are conducted using the devices of the lobby. A 28-seat accommodation with all amenities is provided for the audience.