Successful qualification thesis protection

According to the order of the rector of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers dated 20.05.2021 "260 A / F", on 8.06.2021 in room 404 of block V was held a successful defense of bachelor's qualification paper for the degree program 5313200 - "Technical examination and marketing of machinery and technology (Electrical and electronic equipment)." There were 4 graduates, 3 of whom defended their BQTH in English.

Final results of the decision of the HAC member:

Graduate's name

BQTH topic

BMTH supervisor

Final result (0-100)


Muradov Xayot Ilxom oʻgʻli

“Devуlopment of algorithms and software tools for multifunctional mechatronic system”

t.f.n dotsent R.J Baratov



Niyozov Javoxirbek Xasan oʻgʻli

“Development of an Electronic scheme of a multifunctional mechatronic system”

t.f.n dotsent R.J Baratov



Razzoqov Nurmuxammad

“ Project of transformer substation for the transmission of electrical energy from a renewable source to the power system”

t.f.n dotsent Y.T Adilov



Shodiyev Suxrob Alisherovich

“Koʻp funksiyali mexatron sistemaning 3D modelini ishlab chiqish”

t.f.n dotsent A.M Denmuxammadiyev



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