Center for Digital Educational Technologies

Head of the Center

Kilichev Sharafiddin Mirzaevich

Тel:71- 237-19-24, 90-322-09-34

Email: atm@


Center for Digital Educational Technologies National Research University, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers began its activity in 1993. Center for Digital Learning Technologies  carries out the Introduction of digital education technologies, Network Management, Technical Support, and Information Security. The main objective of the center is to carry out management and control over the implementation and use of information and communication technologies in the educational and administrative process of the institute.

About the activity of the Center

- The Center organizes the introduction and use of information and communication technologies in educational, scientific, administrative and economic services;

- carries out work on the development of information and communication infrastructure of the Institute.

- organizes work on introducing, applying, using, designing and developing of modern information and communication technologies in the institute.

- maintains a single information security policy in the Institute.

- supervises the safety of the network and network equipment at the Institute and their

Main functions of the Center

- Ensuring access to network administration and network access at the Institute, the official web site of the Institute, servers, security of information resources and continuous operation;

- Ensuring safety and quality of multi-level telecommunication networks and technical means of the institute, as well as monitoring;

- technical support of Moodle distance learning and multimedia educational resources to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of information and communication technologies in the learning process;

- Making offers on purchase and sale of structural subdivisions of the institute with multimedia tools and equipment.

- Organization of modernization of technical facilities used at the institute.

- participation in the expertise of the contracts with the enterprises, the organizations, rendering of the goods and services connected with the information and technical means at the institute, and also in the conclusion of the contracts.