Magistratura bo'limi

«Magistratura bo‘limi» boshlig‘i

Yangiyev Asror Abdihamidovich

Texnika fanlari doktori, professor

tel: (71) 237-22-09.






Department master degree of the  Institute carries out its activities in accordance to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from August 27, 2019 PF-5789 "About introduction of system of continuous training of heads and teachers of higher educational institutions", Decree of the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from March 2, 2015 "On approval of the Regulations on the master course", approved by order of the Minister of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 2, 2015 No. 116.

In the education process of the graduates of the Institute are involved the best teachers of high qualification, professors and doctors of Science, candidates of Sciences and assistant professors of chairs, highly qualified personnel and practice from production organisation. At the present, in the specialties of master’s degree on faculties provided with 120 of highly qualified teachers, who are teaching and learning of knowledge, teaching lectures and practical classes, giving practical skills in the field. In the 2020-2021 academic year, specialists were trained in 34 specialties of the magistracy, in the 2021-2022  academic year, they began training masters in 31 specialties, the opening of new modern specialties Waste management

The specialty of the master's degree

1.      5А230201-Management (in water economy)

2.      5А230401-Marketing (in water economy)

3.      5A230901-Accounting (by specialty)

4.      5А233001-Organization and management of water resources

5.      5А310201 -Electro energy supply (in water economy)

6.      5А311001 -Technological processes and automation of production (in water management)

7.      5A312101- Energy saving and energy audit (in water management)

8.      5А312401-Alternative energy sources (by specialty)

9.      5A313401 -Geodesy and geoinformatics

10.    5A340701-Hydrotechnology constructions

11.    5A410701-Land use and management

12.    5A430101-Mechanization of  Agriculture (by specialty)

13.    5A430501-Energy supply in water economy and agriculture

14.    5А430502-Measuring Systems and Smart Devices (Intellectual) in the Water Resources

15.    5А450101-Construction and use of hydropower plants

16.    5А450202 -Melioration and irrigated agriculture

17.    5А450205 -Use of hydromelioration systems

18.    5A450206 -Water-saving irrigation technologies

19.    5А450207 -Excellent use and management of water resources

20.    5A141104-Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology

21.    5А450301-Mechanization of hydromelioration systems

22.    5A640101-Occupational health, safety of production and technological processes (in agriculture and water management)

23.    5А450401 -Use of hydraulic structures, their reliability and safety

24.    5A340704-Organization and technology of construction of hydraulic structures

25.    5A450402 -Use and diagnosis of pumping stations and equipment

26.    5A310106-Mini and micro hydropower plants

27.    5A110802 -Engineering graphics and design theory

28.    5А630101 -Environmental protection (in agriculture and water management)

29.    Waste management

30.    5А630101- Environmental protection (geographical information systems)

31.    5А630101- Environmental protection (International use of land and water resources)



In order to organize of scientific seminars and also to showing scientific activity and training of highly qualified specialists for the industry integration of the department with other institutes started. Undergraduates in the performance of their scientific-research works are carried out extensive literature review examining the article the world's scientists and conducting a patent search on the latest developments. Undergraduates also take part in Republican exhibitions; one of them is held annually and makes a tremendous contribution, the exhibition is called “international fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects”.

Integration with industry

In order to ensure the integration between the institute and the relevant organizations in the organization of the educational process, practical and laboratory classes, qualifying internships are carried out on the basis of various organizations and research institutes:

  • Research institutes under the Academy of Sciences of the
  • Design institutes under the Ministry of Water Resources;
  • Organizations and research institutes of the Cadastral Agency under the State Tax Committee;
  •  “Uzhydromet” the Scientific Research Institute;
  • “Uzbekgidroenergo” JSC;
  • “Davsuvkhujaliknazorat” the State Inspectorate;
  • State Committee for Nature Protection;
  •  “Texnolog” JSC;

Every year, 20-25% of graduates are directed to pedagogical and scientific activities.

To ensure compliance raised at the meeting with representatives of education and science of the tasks of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan sh. M. Mirziyoyev on 24 may 2019 at the National University of Uzbekistan and Minister of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from November 26, 2015 No. 2734 "On approval of the Regulations on the procedure of practical training of students of higher educational institutions" on the basis of the order of the rector of Institute and PROGRAMS developed with the research institutes and centers, for the first time, internships were organized in research institutes and centers on the topics of master's theses. The practice guide, practice diary and all necessary documents were prepared by the master's Department.


On the basis of the decree № -190 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from September 10, 2007 «On improvement and increase of efficiency of activity of the magistrates in the system of higher education of the Republic of Uzbekistan». Furthermore, study process is being run in the Department of Master`s degree” in accordance of the decrees, № 36 on 2nd March, 2015 of the Cabinet of Ministry and № 116, on 2nd April, 2015 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education about law on “Master`s degree”.

On the basis of abovementioned Charter, in all specialties of a master’s degree of the Institute there is «an Individual work plan of a graduate» it is awarded by the «Calendar of a graduate of the educational-methodical, scientific-research, educational and professional activities» and «Calendar for the master's thesis» and for all time, its activities, all students have to follow this plan.


Moreover, by the end of each week students make presentations and reports at each Department in each of the specialties on the work performed during a week. Occupation according to a curriculum is conducted from Monday to Friday. On the basis of that, in a master’s degree of the educational process is going on in the scientific-research and scientific-pedagogical activities of the undergraduates at the end of the semester must qualified for scientific activities. Here students make reports and presentations on the established plans for the scientific work during the semester.

Achievements of Gifted Master Students

MSc regularly participate in national and international exhibitions. The following inventions, startup projects, mobile applications and EDP applications created by them are highly valued:

  • Pump station control through telephone and groundwater level monitoring device;
  • Smart Farmer (for mobile application);
  •  “Defuse-it” project.

MSc regularly participate in international "Summer School" courses in Central Asia.


On the basis of joint educational programs in the following specialties: 5A630101-environmental Protection (International use of land and water resources), 5A630101-environmental Protection (geographical information systems), 5A630101 - environmental Protection (in agriculture and water resources management), 5A430503 - Intelligent sensors and technologies, 5A430401-Precision agriculture, an international master's degree is organized. Undergraduates receive education through joint educational programs in cooperation with the University of Michigan, the University of Mississippi (USA), the Slovak agricultural University in Nitra(Slovak Republic) and the University of Obuda (Republic of Hungary).