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Information about center

      Teaching to International students at our university has began since 1956 therefore it has its long-term history.

     The Department of Teaching Russian as a Forein Language was founded in 1976 because lots of forein students who wanted to study at universities didn’t khow Russian. More than 100 students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the USA and Europe studied Russian Language and other subjects for one year before they continued their education at Agricalture Universities of the Soviet Union.

The Department was reorganized into The Courses of education for forein people in 1999. Nowadays The Courses have many years of experience in teaching Russian and Uzbek languages to international students and enroll a lot of people from China, South Korea, Turkey, Algeria, Syria, Iran, Norway, the USA, Peru and Saudi Arabia every year.

Our staff

Teachers:                                                                Babalyans V.R.        

                                                                                     Rahmatova F.K.

                                                                                     Radjabova L.R.

                                                                                     Gubaeva М.А.

                                                                                     Maksudova S.М.


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 Methodology and techniques 

      The Courses provides a wide range of educational services in the field of teachin Russian and Uzbek as a foreign language.

The course duration is 1 – 10 months.

Group clases are couducted from 9.30 a.m. There are 5 – 8 students in each group.

ll students are provided with course matirials: study books for classwork and homework, dictionaries, study rooms and they are taught by highly qualified teachers who use latest  methodology and techniques.

Students acquire a good command of the Russian language and Uzbek language, learn about Uzbek and Russian culture and literature.

Language courses are available at all levels. The academic program of The Courses is based on three cycles: beginner, intermediate and advance. Advanced students can choose lectures or lessons on Literature and other subiets ( Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology).

Beginner level is for people who don’t know Russian or Uzbek languages. The aim is ability to pronounce, to write, to read, to know some simple words and to understand the simplest grammar rules. At the end of the level students can tell and write a little about themselves and communicate in every day situation.

        Intermediate level  improves beginner skills; students can write formal documents and letters, read more difficult types of texts.    

       Advance level forms ability to understand science books, to write assays and university lectures.

The main principles of lessons:

  • Communication;
  • Making conversation.

 Information for entrants for university, college


If students want to study at universities of Uzbekistan they are getting additional classes:


  • Mathematic;
  • Science;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biology;
  • Literature;
  • History of Uzbekistan.

   Our social life                                

In students free time they can learn about Uzbek national customs and traditional; visit interesting places, museums, parks and special events such as cooking Uzbek national dishes – sumalyak, plov and etc.


                                      Celebrating Navruz                                                         Cooking  sumalyak


                                      Visiting the historic place

Additional information for foreigners

 Students can get accommodation — $30 per month.

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The list of main documents to join the courses:

 Application form;

  • Copy of your passport;
  • School or university diploma or certificate;
  • 6 photos (size 3×4);
  • Information about previous visits of Uzbekistan;
  • Price of education — $250 per one

The Courses can send invitation letters to students’ country.