Conducted public lectures

The "Open Season" period for the fall semester of the 2018-2019 academic year has begun.

"Open lessons" are announced in autumn and spring semester of each academic year and organized by the faculty of our institute on a planned basis.

What is the purpose of the Open Lessons?

Improving the quality of education at the Institute, popularizing the activities, knowledge and pedagogical skills of professors and teachers.

At the same time, the students are trained in modern methods, in-depth knowledge, innovation and technological ideas, exchange of ideas and ideas, systematic learning, analysis and solution of current problems and shortcomings. too.

Not only professors and teachers, students, but also young scientists and specialists are invited to participate in "Open lessons". Professionals from other universities will exchange ideas. Traditional classroom styles will change, which will help to increase students' interest.

Below you will find the following openings held today at our Institute on October 2, 2018:

Associate Professor of the Department of "Ecology and Water Resources" Iqbol Mukhamedjanovna Mahmudova on the selection of water resources, based on "State standards of Uzbekistan" and building codes. Requirements for drinking water quality. Earthquake Recycling ". The lecture was attended by professors and teachers of the department.

Docent of the department "General technical sciences", Ph.D. Irgashev Aripjan Akramovich read a lecture on "General concepts about mechanical extensions". The lecture was attended by representatives of industrial enterprises, professors and lecturers of the department, as well as students. We invite you to join our next lesson.

Information about Maftuna Tosheva, a methodologist-designer

Forming the organizational capability - starts from the first stage!

Today, on October 3, 2018 Shermukhamedov Akmal Kamilzhonovich, the assistant of "Management" department, gave a lecture on the theme "Subjects and methods of modern psychology" for the first-year students. Dean of the faculty "Water management and management" Olimjon Kucharov, teachers of the department and designer of the department of methodology Maftuna Tosheva participated in the lecture.

During the course of the lesson, the students started the intensive course of interacting with small groups. The teacher presented a book about the visit of our President Shavkat Mirzieyev to India and exchanged views on the management style of the President, the establishment of neighborhood relations, and the management skills.

After that, each group was summoned and the attorney was summoned and questions were asked and the answers were filled by the teacher.

"Swot-analysis" was conducted so that students could develop their management skills and evaluate their successes and failures correctly. Any student who independently analyzes himself will not be in the mubolog for the future leaders to be remembered for a lifetime.

Chemical-thermal performance of steel

Today, on the 3rd of October, 2018, the senior lecturer of the department "General technical sciences", Ph.D. Turkmenov Khasan Ishimovich read an open lecture for the 2nd year students on "Chemical and thermal performance of steel". Open lecture was delivered by Mansur Amanov, Head of the Department of "Tractor and Cars", Komil Astanakulov, Head of the Department of Agricultural Machinery, as well as professors and teachers of the Institute and staff of the Educational and Methodological Department.

The lecture was initiated by the teacher as a means of strengthening the knowledge gained in the lesson by the students, and by evaluating students through short questions and answers. After the students took the class, a lecture on the subject of chemical thermal processing was started.

During the lecture, the students were presented with the help of the formulas. Dissotations, adsorption, diffusion processes were explained. The lesson was intense. This lecture was not only interesting for the students, but also for the guests.

Information about Maftuna Tosheva, a methodologist-designer