Department of Master's

Dean of «Department of Master`s»

Yangiev Asror Abdixamidovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel: (71) 2372209





«The Department of Master’s degree» of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation andAgricultural Mechanization  Engineerswas established in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2007. Also it was organized by the order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water resources in 2007(№175, September19) and Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education(№195, 2007, September 25,), as well as it was confirmed  the same year in December 29, №269,  “Regulations of master’s degree”.

In the education of the graduates of the Institute are involved the best teachers of high qualification, professors and doctors of Science, candidates of Sciences and assistant professors of chairs, highly qualified personnel and practice with the production. At the moment, in the specialties of master’s degree on faculties provided with 112 of highly qualified teachers, who are teaching and learning of knowledge, teaching lectures and practical classes, giving practical skills in the field.  In the 2018-2019 academic year, specialists were trained in 18 specialties of the magistracy, in the 2019-2020 academic year, they began training masters in 25 specialties, the opening of new modern specialties is taken into account here.

By the direction of the specialities there was organized students work assignment to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water management, Nature protecting committees, committee of UzGeocadastr, Scientific Research institutes, higher educational institutions, khokimiyats and other managing bodies of the state.

Study in gprocess and scientific activity

There were organizedseminars on scientific activity and training of highly qualified specialists. Master`s degree students study literature and articles of world scientists on their research. Also they take part in Republican exhibitions; one of them is an exhibition “Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects”.


On the basis of the decree № -190 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan(2007, September 10) «On development and increase the efficiency of magistracy`s activity in the system of higher education of the Republic of Uzbekistan» the educational process was organized(№ 36, 2015, March 2, of the Cabinet of Ministry and № 116, 2015, April 2, of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education about law on “Master`s degree”.)

On the basis of these regulations, in all spheres of master’s degree there is a  work plan for the course. It includes educational-methodical, scientificresearch, pedagogical and professional activities  and plan for doing master's dissertation.

Also by the end of the week students make the presentations and reports at thedepartment. At the end of the term students of master`s degree will be examined on the results of their research.

During the organization of the educational process is greatly paid attention to the ensuring the integration of the Institute with other organizations, the branches of the Institute. That`s why practical and laboratory lessons are being conducted on the base of «Scientific Research Institute of Automatics and power engineering of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan», State Committee of the «Uzgeodezkadastr», OAJ «Geoinformkadastr», ОАJ «Uzsuvloyiha», Scientific Research Institute «Uzhydromet».


There were organized the specialties: 5А630101 - Preservation of the environment (Management of the international lands and water resources), 5A630101 - Preservation of the environment (GIS)and international magistracy. On the international program ERASMUS MUNDUS students of master`s degree study in VAGENINGEN university in Holland, Slovak Agrarian university in Slovakia, and University of Zagreb in Croatia. Scientists from a number of foreign advanced universities: professor from Berlin universityDagmar Balla, the head of the department ZaLf-Mjunheberg of institute «the Landscape and water management» doctor Sebastian Maassen, professor of Lund university in Sweden S.Uvo, within the international projectCASIA and TEMUR programs of European Union ERASMUS MUSDUS, the international coordinator of the project and the research assistant of VAGENINGEN (Netherlands) Eve Vietsmal lectures to graduate students.