Head of the trade union



Head of the trade union

Irisov Farrukhjon Qobil uglu

Phone number : (+99898)1282151


Phone number: +99(871)2370994


Web site: tiiame.uz/kasaba


The Trade Union of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers It includes professors, teachers, workers and students.

The trade union committee starts its activity each year with the approval of the work plan and the estimate of the expenses of the trade union. All activities and expenses are approved on the basis of the plan and budget.

The following areas are reflected in the trade union work plan:

• Moral and educational work;

•Social protection;

• Organization of various events for faculty and their children;

• Visits to the sanatorium of the faculty and staff of the institute;

• Travel in summer holiday for professors and staff of the institute;

• Organization of summer vacations for the staff of the institute ;

• Financial activities of the trade union of the institute;

• Different tasks. 

 The task of the trade union of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers  is to support the health of the employees and  organizes vouchers to the sanatoriums. 55% of the price of the ticket is paid from the trade union fund and 45% of the price of the ticket is paid by the employee. Employees of the Institute  can book tours.

Note: the sanatorium are issued once every two years.

How to create a trade union organization?

How to create a trade union organization, if it was not established at the enterprise, organization and institution.

If your organization or institution does not have a trade union organization  you can create it together with your colleagues, at least 5 people. That`s why, you should  read the Charter of the trade union.

Further, it is necessary to hold a constituent assembly of the primary trade union organization (at large enterprises where it is not possible to hold a general meeting, it is possible to hold a conference) and decide on the establishment of a trade union organization.

Also, at this meeting (conference):

- if the staff consists of more 15 employees a trade union can be organized;

Within 10 days after  the  meeting (conference) of the primary trade union organization, it is reported to the territorial body (district, city council, regional joint committee)

How to join a trade union?

It's very easy to join a trade union.

If a trade union organization has been established at the enterprise, organization, institution, apply the trade union committee (trade union organizer) with a statement.

 The trade union committee (general meeting of the trade union organization) look through  your application and decide on admission to union membership, you will be issued a membership card of a uniform sample.

The date of admission to the trade union is calculated from the date of the relevant decision.

 When you move from one trade union to another, as well as when you temporarily or permanently stop working, your membership in the union remains,  providing  that you keep in touch with the trade union organization and pay membership fees.

 The members of the trade union have the right:

-On legal assistance and protection of trade unions in state, judicial and economic bodies, irrespective of the form of ownership in matters of labor relations;

-To elect and be elected to trade union bodies;

-To participate in the activities of trade unions, freely express their opinion, personally participate in meetings,  conferences.;

-To apply to a higher level of professionalism;

-To purchase at reduced prices vouchers for sanatorium treatment and recreation in health resorts of trade unions, sanatoriums, recreation centers, children's health camps, use cultural institutions, sports facilities of trade unions.

-A member of a trade union is obliged:

-To observe the Charter of the Federation of Trade Unions, to implement the decisions of the trade union bodies;

-To participate in the activities of the primary trade union organization;

-To promote the fulfillment of obligations of  agreements;

The procedure for purchasing permits for children's health camps

Vouchers to children's health camps are given to employees of enterprises, organizations and institutions, in the trade union committee at their place of work, according to their application in accordance with the established procedure. To receive a permit for children's health camps, the employee applies to the trade union committee of his organization, institution. A sample application is attached. A copy of the employee's passport and a copy of the child's birth certificate are attached to the application. The application is issued to the trade union committee one month before the beginning of the health season. In health camps, children are accepted from 7 to 14 years old, with a medical certificate in the form 079 / U, issued from a polyclinic at the place of residence. Non-working citizens can purchase permits for children's health camps for 100 percent of the cost in union committees of enterprises, organizations and institutions in whose office the camp is located. Information on the location of children's health camps and the cost of permits can be obtained from territorial associations of trade union organizations.

Information on the order of purchasing vouchers to the sanatorium and rest homes

system of trade union of Uzbekistan

1. An employee shall apply to the trade union committee at the place of work to obtain a preferential voucher to a sanatorium or other places of rest.

In organizations where the trade union committee has not been established, to obtain a preferential voucher for a sanatorium or places of rest, the employee applies to the territorial association of trade union organizations and receives a permit by the employer's power of attorney

 2. The trade union committee gives the employee information about the sanatoriums and rest homes of the trade union system. The employee, according to the recommendation of the doctors, chooses a sanatorium for the profile of the disease (the rest is optional at the house) and applies for a privileged voucher. The trade union committee has received from the employee an application, registers it in the Book of registration of applications for receiving permits to a sanatorium and puts it on the queue. The trade union committee, considering the financial possibility, applies for a permit to the higher district (city) council of trade union organizations. The district (city) council of trade-union organizations accepts the application and by proxy of the trade-union committee of the organization allocates permits.

 3. To receive a permit to a sanatorium, the employee submits the following documents to the trade union committee:

- application;

- medical certificate;

- a copy of the passport;

- a copy of the work book;

- an extract from the order to obtain a labor leave;

- a receipt for the payment of the cost of the voucher.

4. An employee who receives a ticket with a sanatorium card (Form No. 0.7.2./U) issued by a medical institution, comes to a sanatorium on the day indicated on the ticket. In the sanatorium, according to the voucher and passport data, the employee opens  a medical card and passes  a medical examination. According to the conclusions of the medical examination, therapeutic procedures and nutrition are prescribed. The employee in the sanatorium heals within 10 or 12 days, at the rest home, the period indicated on the tour.

5.  The employee leaves the sanatorium (rest house) on the date indicated on the tour.

 6. Upon return from the sanatorium (rest home), the employee  will  hand over to the trade union organization that issued him a ticket, a return voucher to the voucher.

 Members of the trade union, their rights and duties

 1.1. Membership in the union is voluntary. By regularly receiving charter and salary requirements, up to the age of 18, a behavioral union can become a member of the civil service union (if a person under the age of 16 years is studying in an institution with respect to work or employers, the union is a member).

 1.2. In the absence of trade unions and the main organization of trade unions or general meetings of trade unions, personal meetings of the first meeting of the organizing committee are held.

 And the members of trade unions withdraw from the day of taking appropriate decisions. The trade union membership card is issued by the trade union committee (organizer) of the main organization.

 The right to make initial decisions of the largest trade union committee of the trade union of the main trade-union organization and the organizing committee of the trade-union group.

Members of the trade union are registered in the primary organization of trade unions at the main workplaces.

1.3. Joining the union is as follows.

 Temporary suspension of labor activity by members of trade union members who require childcare or close family care;

Stop work from old-age pension (depending on the conditions of the union or members of the trade union for payment of the organization and fees);

 Increase the number of employees (status) or social security of the population at the center of a person who temporarily changes work related to the liquidation of the unemployed and seeks work as a member of a busy and registered trade union;

 Up to two months after the expiration of the membership of trade unions in the Armed Forces;

 Unemployed, leaving for temporary work - until they return home.

All members of the trade union have equal rights and duties.

 1.4. The Union has the right:

 Professional, social and labor rights, interests and labor relations.

 You can contact the trade union organization and ask for an appropriate answer on your request.

 Participation in collective agreements, contracts for development and production, their interests;

Free legal assistance from trade union law and legal issues.

To be elected by the trade union organization.

Participate in parliamentary activities of trade unions, meetings (meetings), elected meetings of governing bodies, publicly express free discussion and criticism in the media or their opinions, councils, advocates, development decisions;

 Consideration of the issue of unions participating in trade union meetings (conferences), meetings of electing bodies;

 Trade unions and resorts, villas, as well as children's health camps, unions, cultural institutions and sports facilities for travel at affordable prices;

 Use of the property of trade unions in accordance with established procedures.

Voluntary withdrawal of trade unions.

 1.5. Obligations of the trade union:

Trade unions, which govern the body in accordance with the Charter of the decision taken in accordance with this Charter;

Support the activities of trade unions and participate in the implementation of its goals and objectives.

 Promote the implementation of community agreements and collective bargaining.

Participation in trade unions, groups, sectors and key organizations;

Payment of the membership fee to the trade union in the prescribed amount and order form every month;

                Prevention of illegal trade union activities.

 1.6. Members of trade unions can actively participate in the activities of trade unions.

 1.7. Legal obligations or prejudices Trade union membership.  The trade union movement applies to the following measures of social influence: a warning or members of the trade union as a last resort.

1.8. Membership in trade unions is excluded:

 You have not paid your dues for more than six months without justifiable reasons;

Does not fulfill the obligations stipulated by the Charter;

 Failure to comply with regular (three or more) or  decision-making trade unions or union members

The main assets of the trade union or its affiliates

Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural mechanization Engineers

Uzbekistan Association Agricultural Cooperative Republican Committee


Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization


MAC faculty head of  trade union  

B. Mirnigmatov



WEM faculty head of  trade union  

U. Xolyorov



LP and LM faculty chair trade union  

S. Sharipov



GIQ va F faculty head of  trade union  

A. Azimov



EAWAC faculty head of  trade union  

B. Fayzullaev



HM faculty head of  trade union  

B. Suvonov



MHW faculty head of  trade union  





Uzbekistan Union of Trade Federation.

There are 17 sanatoriums and 2 children`s camps

Name of sanatorium




"Abu Ali Ibn Sino" sanatorium

heart surgery, surgery, neurology

 104244 Samarkand region, Nurobod district


“Oltinsoy” sanatorium

Therapy and neurology

Khatirchi region, Navoiy district, , Chilaqishloq


“Oq-Tosh” sanatorium

Breath organs

110714, Tashkent, Bustanlik  region, Oq-tash villige



Cardiology, therapy, neurology 

110134, Tashkent , Qibray region, Oq-khovoq village



Cardiology, neurology, genecology  


102100, Tashkent, Qibray region, Baytqubroy  village 



Breath organs

130800,  Zomin region, Jizzakh district



Therapy, neurology , genecology

160300, Namangan region, Kosonsoy district,  st.Khalklar Dostligi 21.


“Sitorai Mokhi Xosa ” sanatorium

Therapy, genecology, urology , neurology

200126,  Bukhoro region,  st.Moxi Khosa 30.


“Turon” sanatorium

Cardiology, genecology, urology, neurology

100187,   Tashkent, Mirzo Ulugbek district, st.Shurtepa 159.


“Umid Gulshani” sanatorium

genecology, urology, therapy, neurology

111020 , Tashkent, Qibray district,  st.A.Navoiy 1.


“Khinka” sanatorium

Cardiology, neurology, genecology

220810,  Khorazm region, Honka district, Qirqyop village


“Khashkhadaryo sohili” sanatorium

Stomache, neurology, cardiology genecology

180104,  Kharshi district,  st.Rovot 12.


“Chinobod” sanatorium

Stomache, neurology, cardiology genecology

100039, Tashkent, Yunus-obod district, st. Chinobod 88


“Chimyon” sanatorium

Cardiology, genecology, urology, neurology

113808,  Fargona regiont, Chimyon village


“Chortoq” sanatorium

Therapy, genecology, urology , neurology

161004,  Namangan region, Chortok district st., A.Saydaliyev 5.


“Axmad Al-Fargoniy” rest camp

Rest and health recovery

Fargona region, , Quvasoy district,  Arsiv village


“OQTOSH-SHABODA” rest camp

Rest and health recovery

110714 Tashkent, Bustonlik region, Oq-Tosh village


“Termiz-marvaridi” sanatorium

Cardiology, behavior based members, neurology , genecology

191200, Surxondaryo region, Termiz district,  “Uchqizil” QFY


“Xavotog  gulshani” sanatoriiyasi

Cardiology, behavior based members, neurology , genecology

Jizzakh region, Yangiobod district,  Changiovul village