The Office of Affairs

Head of the Office of Affairs

Khasanov Bаkhtiyor Urishovich

Candidate of economical sciences, Associate professor





Head of the Office of Affairs which coordinates financial and economic activities of the Institute based on the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers, orders, instructions of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education and the Ministry of water resources.

The duties of the Head of the Office of Affairs include:

  •  Development and implementation the concept of economic development of the institute, based on self-sufficiency, focuses on effective activities.
  • Organization of scientific work according to the state educational standards and Qualification requirements, also to organize financial supporting for training highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff.
  • Managing the financial and economic activities of the Institute.
  • Organization of implementation of the decisions of the Scientific Council of the Institute, orders  of the rector on financial and economic issues.
  • Studying trends in the education system of the advanced countries, developing methods and tools for implementing the tasks set out in the Law on Education, the National Program for Personnel Training and other education laws.
  •  The right using of  extra-budgetary means to provide economic efficiency a result of improvement of business activity.
  • Creating economic and financial plans based on various works and services.
  • Promotion of  developing of organizational and economic mechanisms of small and middle enterprises departments with the aim of extra-budgetary resources.
  • Organization of auxiliary production (publishing, repairing and maintenance of household appliances, etc.) with the aim of working out of extra-budgetary funds based on internal technical and technological capabilities, training and scientific experience, encouraging teachers and staff, improving the material and technical base of the institute.
  • Timely fulfillment of financial and credit problems.
  • Controlling and accounting tangible use of equipment and other resources, payments to the state budget, contributions to social security bodies, etc.  in time.
  • Developing and overseeing the logistics programs.
  • Conducting capital repairs, maintenance, utilities and electricity costs, and analyzing financial costs. Receives done work and is responsible for the quality.
  • Taking action against employees who violate the executive discipline, making suggestions with them about termination of the contract.
  • Critically analyzing activities and determining the annual rating of the institute in accordance with the established procedure.
  • Preparation of plans for the organization of material and technical base of the Institute and its activities to meet modern requirements, organization and implementation of landscaping and planting within the Institute. Replenishment of educational buildings and student's living quarters with fire-fighting equipment, control over financial expenses
  • Conducting emergency situations of educational and laboratory buildings and other facilities of the Institute (heating and gas, water, electricity, communications).
  • Work on the financial and economic activities of the institute.
  • Monitoring the cleanliness of the institute and dormitory, the work on landscaping and the solution of problems related to financial work.
  • Organization of meetings with the distribution committee for the allocation of graduates who study at the Institute on the basis of state grants.
  • Receiving applications from businesses and organizations for employment of graduates, and concluding contracts with them. Employment of graduates with direct involvement of their businesses.
  • Up-to-date educational equipment, technical equipment of training and desks in the required rooms for the purpose of high-quality organization of educational process, control of financial expenses for their maintenance.
  • Ensuring the preparation of financial and economic estimates, annual and future plans for the main activities of the Institute.
  • Analyzes the economic performance of economic departments of the Institute, evaluates the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of expenditures, and develops proposals for future financial and economic activities of the Institute.
  • Organization of activities on occupational safety, fire and technical safety, organization of qualification board and training of engineers.
  • Purchase of equipment and materials to support the learning process, and conclude contracts for the provision of furniture and inventory for public and residential premises and dormitories.
  • Expert appraisal of contracts for rent of premises, sports facilities, equipment on the territory of the Institute.
  • Prepares proposals on economic and business cooperation with organizations.
  • Education that benefits the institution will form a partnership with investment, know-how and budgetary and commercial businesses.
  • Organization of work and normalization of working conditions, sanitary and preventive health care, medical examinations, vaccination, disinfection, etc.
  • Creation of labor market and marketing services for specialists in the Ministry of Water Resources and other ministries and organizations.
  • Discussion of economic and business issues and proposals on saving money, bringing them to the Academic Council of the Institute.
  • Taking an active part in the preparation and conduct of permanent internal certification of the institute, external certification and accreditation.
  • Responsible for working with appeals of individuals and legal entities, including the virtual reception of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, virtual reception of the rector, students and parents in the established order with members of the Working Group, preparation of proposals for officials to take disciplinary action;
  • Other functions in accordance with the current legislation.