Scientific journal Irrigation and Melioration

   The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Measures for further improvement of meliorative status of irrigated lands and use of water resources during the years 2013-2017” was adopted on April 19, 2013 and the 5-year state program for the implementation of irrigation and melioration activities has been approved. According to the program, currently the state water management organizations use 27,700 km of irrigation systems, 41,200 km of collector-drainage network, more than 1,600 pumping stations and other water management facilities, farmers’ associations and private farms — 157.1 thousand km of irrigation and 99.8 thousand km of collector-drainage networks, more than 8.5 thousand pump units and other facilities supply economic sectors and irrigated land with water, enable land reclamation.

A scientific and technical journal “Irrigation and Melioration” with the announcement of 104th meeting of the Republican Council on July 24, 2014 on these issues: implementation of above-mentioned tasks and their scientific methodology, accounting water resources,  water resources management, economization and effective use, was allowed to print and registered by Press and information agency of Uzbekistan.

So far nine issues of scientific and technical journal “Irrigation and Melioration” have been published, higher education institutions in the field of water management, research institutes, scientific-production centers, project organizations and water management organizations, effective water management and its rational use, introduction of advanced water-saving technologies, improvement of meliorative condition of irrigated lands, rational location of agricultural crops, as well as research on the further development of water consumers’ associations and farms , scientific-practical, analytical, commentary on the decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the deepening of economic reforms in the agricultural and water economy, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers and their execution, results of advanced experiments, innovations in science and technology articles are posted on their pages.