Participation in the Talk Show Participation in the Talk Show
On March 22, a group of students and professors, led the Vice-Rector for Scientific Researches and Innovation, T.Z.Sultanov, participated on the program "Personal Approach" broadcast by the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan on channel "Dunyo bo'ylab" dedicated to the World Water Day .
Visit to UzExpoCentre Visit to UzExpoCentre
On March 15, the students of Group 308 of the specialty of MWR paid a visit to the 14th International Agricultural Exhibition in UzExpoCenre with their supervisor, the docent of the department of Hydraulics and Hydroinformatics K.T.Rakhimov.  
Integration of Education and Production Integration of Education and Production
On March 15, 2011, a group of specialists of the Ministry of Water Resources, including the Head of the Department of Land Reclamation, N.Allaberganov, and the 4th year students of the Department of Hydromelioration, attended the seminar on topic ‘Measures to Improve Land Reclamation Status’ .
Navruz Cup Navruz Cup
On March 17, football contest named ‘Navruz Cup’ was organized by the leaders of the Youth Union of the faculty of Agricultural Mechanization dedicated to the upcoming holiday Navruz.
Game for Intelligence Game for Intelligence
On March 16, Checks Contest was held by the initiative of the Youth Union of the faculty of Organization and Management of Water Resources.
Truth and Superstition  Truth and Superstition
The teachers of the Department of Humanitarian Subjects. Including Azimov.Kh, Alimukhamedova N, Abdurakhmanova I, Normatov O, Botirova Kh. organized a roundtable talk at the 2nd students' dormitory on topic ‘Choose the right belief. History and Roots of Religious Extremism and Terrorism ". During the discussion, the students were explained the history and current activities of Islamic groups by proving their negative impact on society and humanity.
Meeting with Soat Sharipov Meeting with Soat Sharipov
Today the next talk was held on the title ‘Exemplary artists’ at our institute. The current guest of the event was famous actor and TV presenter Soat Sharipov. The audience asked questions related to the work of Soat Sharipov on film and television. He explained why he was called ‘Soat’: “As my parents say I used to cry at 6 am every morning.
Enthusiasm of Competition Enthusiasm of Competition
On March 14, 2019, the World Water Day contest has come to an end. The competition for video clips and presentations and a contest of techno-exhibition competitions for students registered in the first half of the day were organized. These competitions were reviewed and evaluated by the judges.