Content in 5 steps Content in 5 steps
Celebration of the Day of Defenders is still in process. For this occasion Educational show "Well done, guys!" was held on the initiative of D.M. Sagdullaeva , a pedagogue and psychologist of the second dormitory. The students of the faculties of HTC and ESAWR participated in it.
Event dedicated to the Defenders of our Motherland Event dedicated to the Defenders of our Motherland
On January 18, 2019 a spiritual-enlightenment event dedicated to the professional holiday of duty-keepers of our Motherland was held in our institute.  Initially, Lieutenant Colonel Rafik Zilevich Minlishev, the head of the Military Department, ordered the arrival of the flag of Uzbekistan. Then the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was played. Then the rector of the institute, professor Umurzokov Uktam Pardaevich was invited to the microphone for the opening of the solemn meeting and congratulation.
Pride of the branch Pride of the branch
"The inventor of the year" the 1st place was taken by Ravshanov Umid, a third-year student of the department of "Hydrotechnic construction" of Bukhara branch of TIIAME. With this achievement, U.Ravshanov was congratulated  on behalf of all professors and teachers and wished success in his future career. It is desirable to list the information about U.Ravshanov who was the pride of our branch.
The signs of humanity The signs of humanity
In particular, active students of the Youth Union of the faculty Mechanization of Hydromeliorative Works visited the habitats of Lashkarbegi community in Mirzo-Ulugbek district of Tashkent on January 15.
Senator’s views Senator’s views
It is noteworthy  fact that any state, society, or system can be understood from its attitude to women. The word "family" is derived from the so-called female word (arabic). Thus, the criterion for the survival of the society and the generations is directly linked to the continuity of the offspring. In our country, the attitude towards women is high. The equality of women, the privileges and opportunities created for them, and the fact that the special law "Family" is included in our "Basic Law" fully confirms this.
Label of the activity Label of the activity
On January 16, 2019 the primary organization of the Youth Union of TIIAME held its session.
Presentations Presentations
The importance of good deed The importance of good deed
The prerequisite for humanity is to share the love of life with people. A series of events by the activists of the Youth union dedicated to the Day of Defenders were held on January 14. Students visit the Museum of the Armed Forces, Veterans and poor people, and realized Youth Volunteering Community during the week.
First steps towards the institute First steps towards the institute
Pupils from school №296 located in Uchtepa district of Tashkent city visited the institute to get acquainted with the activities of the institute. Students were introduced to the educational audiences and laboratories of the institute. At the end of the visit, a roundtable was organized and books were presented to the students.
A visit to the Teacher’s house A visit to the Teacher’s house
On January 14, a visit was paid to the house of 97-year-old Kannar Kuchkar Khanchatovich on behalf of the administration of the institute on the occasion of the Day of Defenders of the Motherland. He was delighted from our visit.  Once again, we have felt the need to do this kind of good deeds every single time.
Defense of Motherland Defense of Motherland
Therefore, we congratulate the defenders of the Homeland on this blessed holiday and wish them peace, health and wellbeing. Always do your best to keep our heavenly sky clean forever! I congratulate all with the Day of Motherland Defenders. We hope that you will receive this video, made by the studio ‘Iqtidor-film’ by the initiative of the leaders of the Institute Youth Union.
Activeness is in dedication Activeness is in dedication
Abduraupov Ramz Rasuljanovich greeted this blessed 60 year on December 19th.