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Zukhra Karabaevna Ismailova

Zukhra Karabaevna Ismailov, April 20, 1961 - working class family in Tashkent, Syrdarya district tug'ilgan.Millati-historical. Higher education, in 1984 graduated from Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization of Engineers. Engineers and educational specialists. Doctor of Education, Professor.

1985 - work at the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Engineers Mechanization "" Methods of teaching pedagogy and laboratory assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, professor, head of the department, vice-rector for academic lyceums and vocational colleges.

Zukhra Karabayevna Ismailova 2000 13.00.08- "Theory of vocational education and methodology" specialty "Technical professional skills of students of higher educational institutions, 13.00.06-" 2007, "Formation of the theory and methods of teaching" and "spiritual - the principles of moral education in theoretical and experimental Methodologies: (National ideology: basic concepts and principles, defended a doctoral dissertation on the topic ").

Zuhra Karabayevna Ismailov training and leadership activities and academic lyceums and professional colleges of the department at the time of development, improving the educational process to improve the quality of the course, employment of graduates, educational and enrichment of the material and technical ta'minotilarini large contribution to their lawyer. He is currently under the supervision of 5 PhD, Ph.D. 1nafar DSC defended his doctoral research.

activities of Zukhra Karabayevna Ismailov of a number of scientific publications, including 3 textbooks, 7 textbooks, 3 monographs, 50 methodical ishlarnma and brochures, 200 scientific articles and theses, of which more than 20 foreign works published in scientific journals There are currently higher and secondary special schools and training were used in the process.

Zuhra Karabayevna Ismailova - trbiya training and educational activities with their USCHOOL “Building skills to deal with people in Bild Nations” innovative development programs for the vocational education, training and retraining of teachers (KHTIRPKMOvaQTI), moderator of the GTS Vocational Skills Institute, the formation of the German program, chief scientific -methodical center "Educational Management" in the direction of continuous professional development.

Zuhra Karabayevna Ismailova, under the leadership of the Department of Young Engineers and Professional Colleges for Teachers, “teaching school” courses, conducting research and training qualified personnel, in order to increase the potential of the department 13.00.05 professional Theory and Methods of Education at the seminar, which was organized by the Department and Scientific doktarantlar works at the Institute, scientific izlanuvchilaning discussion of the results.

Zuhra Karabayevna Ismailova is in the stage of KHTIRPKMOvaQTI degree, DSC. 06/27/2017. Ped.48.01 Digital Science and a member of the Scientific Council are actively involved as chair of the seminar.

Z.K.Ismailova is married and has 3 children: two daughters and 6 grandchildren. His wife T.N.Ismoilov is a trained mechanical engineer.

Zuhra Karabayevna Ismailova many years of the institute and other public organizations and educational activities, work in the church there are several MHSSE, city, city, district governor, committee of the mayor awarded the prize and at the same time the occasion of the 20th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan was awarded a breastplate.