We are against AIDS!

The roundtable discussion on the topic “we are against AIDS” was organized with the students of the faculties HTC and ESAWR in the 2nd dormitory of the institute.

 · HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, our body’s natural defence against illness.

· If HIV is left untreated, a person’s immune system will get weaker and weaker until it can no longer fight off life-threatening infections and diseases.

· Testing regularly for HIV means you can get antiretroviral treatment if you need it and stay healthy.

· AIDS describes a set of symptoms and illnesses that happen at the final stage of HIV infection, if left untreated.

Approximately 1900 people died from AIDS in Uzbekistan in 2017. It was informed by the US Embassy in Uzbekistan basing on the data of UNAIDS. Sagdullayeva Dilorom, a psychologist, an educator-pedagogue made discussions with the students of the faculties of HTC and ESAWR.

R.B., the press secretary of the institute