SUSADICA - Cooperation with doctoral students of the project on sustainable development of   agriculture in Central Asia

    SUSADICA - Cooperation with doctoral students of the project on sustainable development of   agriculture in Central Asia

The SUSADICA project team established a Tandem partnership between TIIAME students and doctoral students of the project studying in Germany to increase the scientific potential of students create additional opportunities for personal development and practical skills in scientific methods and techniques through direct participation in research. Initially, within the framework of this cooperation, announcements posted on the official website and social networks of TIIAME in order to identify students and masters who wish to cooperate with doctoral students in the scientific field. Applications accepted on the basis of assignments given by doctoral students of the SUSADICA project on the following scientific topics:

   Incentives and investment activities of farmers in Uzbekistan;

   Development of crop diversity in Uzbekistan;

   Review of Uzbekistan's groundwater policy from 1991 to the present;

   Factors contributing to the introduction and formation of clusters;

   Economic analysis of agricultural technologies;

   Livestock and household attitudes to climate change in Kyrgyzstan;

   Impact of climate change on the seasonal flow of the Kashkadarya river basin;

   Development of irrigation policy in Uzbekistan;

   Impact of agricultural subsidies on agricultural trade and growth in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Application received from about 20 students and graduate students of the institute. Based on the students' research areas, topics chosen by them, language proficiency levels and other requirements, 11 students transferred to the next stage, the stage of online interviews with doctoral students of the SUSADICA project. After that, taking into account the free time and opportunities of students, online interviews were organized between them and doctoral students through MS teams and ZOOM platforms. During the interview, students exchanged views on their interests, plans, and goals. Joint research discussed goals, objectives, conditions of cooperation and opportunities and benefits for students.


According to the requirements of cooperation, the results of online interviews between students and doctoral students, the consent of TIIAME students, currently 6 doctoral students of the SUSADICA project and 6 students of TIIAME are working together. Through collaboration with SUSADICA doctoral students, TIIAME students gain practical skills in using a variety of scientific methods, conducting research, and writing reports. The total cost of travel, accommodation and daily expenses for the implementation of the tasks assigned under the partnership will be covered from the research budget of each SUSADICA doctoral student. Reports and conclusions of TIIAME students can be used in the research work of doctoral students. Successful cooperation also provides an opportunity for graduate students to complete their dissertations and to publish scientific articles in international scientific journals on common topics.


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