One more step to spirituality

Teachers of the Department of "Hydraulic and Hydroformatics" Faculty of "Hydromelioration" organized a roundtable on December 24th with the activists of Tashkent city, Mirzo Ulugbek district, "Akkurgan" Makhalla commitee.

Mahmud Abdullayev, mahalla chairperson, told the participants that the spiritual and educational meeting was aimed at further improving the socio - spiritual environment in the Akkurgan neighborhood. Docent Kudratillo Rakhimov, the associate professor of the department, goes on to say that the sciences are divided into religious and secular sciences, religious knowledge is the information presented in the Qur'an, the hadith and other religious sources, and the science of secular science in the schools, colleges, institutes and other educational institutions, it is true that they were taken together.

What we are saying about secular knowledge is that it actually strengthens the faith of man and strengthens his convictions. Some of our scientists and thinkers, such as Sheikh Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf, the famous scholars who have lived and worked in modern times, and Professor Latipov Kudrat Sharipovic's examples of their life-styles and writings. The roundtable was intense and controversial among the crowd. Active participation of mahalla activists in such meetings was emphasized.

Assistant of chair. D. Allayorov's report

Press Secretary of the Institute Rakhimboy Jumaniyazov