Talk with female students

On February 20-2019, the female students of the third dormitory were interviewed with the  Women Committee of the Institute and Medical Department “Orom” in order to improve students’ medical knowledge and protect students from various disadvantaged situations.

The head doctor of Medical Department “Orom” B.Eshniyozova, a nurse G.Hasanova, the director of the 3rd dormitory Z.Yoliyev, pedagogue A.Khaitova, I.Kurbonov, the head of the Women Committee of the institute Z.Khafizova, the dean of the faculty of MLR Sh.Muqimov, a deputy dean Kh.Eshova, a deputy dean of MA I.Rakhimov and the students participated the event.

Z.Khafizova, B.Eshniyozov and Sh.Muqimov made speeches.

The topic of the event was the fact that the girls' disadvantages arise due to the absence of the medical section in the department. In order to prevent this inconvenience, the dormitory administration agreed to open a medical department in cooperation with the Medical Department“Orom”.

 Report by a pedagogue A.Khaitova

R,Jumaniyozov, the press secretary of the institute