The family is a sacred place.

The family is the main unit of human development, the most important institution of the state system, the cornerstone of our society. The role and influence of family in shaping and enhancing the spirituality of each nation is invaluable. On January 15, 2013 at the faculty of Land Management held a round table discussion on the topic "Holiness of the family among the youth". The meeting attended by the deputy Dean of the faculty on youth affairs Kh. Eshova, teacher of the department “Geodesy and geoinformatics” U. Islamov, the director of dormitory and students.

Speaking at the event, each parent sets a good goal and ambitious goals as they raise their children. Being able to combine such qualities as honesty, honesty, humanism, hard work and humility can create a healthy environment and stability in a family. Marriage and marriage are a requirement of faith. Students justified in their parents' beliefs and well educated, and it recognized that tomorrow they would be a brave and courageous person for our independent country.

Information by Hurriyat Eshova, Associate Dean for Youth Affairs, LM faculty

Head of the Press Service of the Institute Rakhimboy Djumaniyazov