Khashar in the TIIAME

With the coming of the renewal season, nature itself is gaining ground. The green surrounded by greenery and flowers laid on the branches of trees. But it is necessary to adapt to the spring breath. Nature's work also needs support. This is the ancient philosophy of Navruz! It also reflects the true essence of the traditional charity khashar, which held on the eve of the national holiday.

According to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on March 14-15 this year in our institute the work carried out in connection with the nationwide charitable khashar "Improvement and landscaping". In fact, such large-scale beautification and landscaping activities test the youth's solidarity. Khashar is said to be a good thing for those who are between the ages of seven and seventy.

During the nationwide khashar, each faculty will plant trees and flower seedlings in their area, orchestrate gardens and flowerbeds, organize neighborhoods, educational institutions, settlements, apartment buildings and cemeteries, and playgrounds. Also, it is pleasant that the faculty and students of our institute are involved in khashar as a team. We are sure that the staff and students of our institute will keep this national work on March 14-15.

Press  service of TIIAME